Case study: Using social media to understand brand sentiment

Case study: Using social media to understand brand sentiment

Using social media to understand brand sentiment

Uncovering social insights

Uncovering social insights

Solution: INSPIRE

The challenge

A leading beer company wanted to find new ways to position three highly influential brands. The company’s goal? To get closer to consumers and obtain some social insights on their customers.

The results

The results challenged conventional thinking within the company. They refuted the idea that consumers could not differentiate between the tastes of the brand’s beers. Until this point, the company’s brand positioning and communication had been premised on the fact that consumers couldn’t distinguish between tastes. With this new insight into taste, the company re-engineered its brand promise.

Social insights revealed the efficacy of an 8-year-old YouTube ad, leading to a new prioritizing of digital spend. They also indicated that sponsorship has little impact on how consumers engage with social media.

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How we got there

We used our INSPIRE solution to gather social insights. This enabled us to gather unsolicited, uncensored feelings and opinions about our client’s brands and the beer category.

We identified thousands of consumer-generated opinions via a range of social media outlets. The data was then cleaned and classified by brand, topic and sentiment. INSPIRE was used to connect the brand teams to the words and opinions used by their target audience.
We also carried out a quantitative assessment of the incidence of specific topics, opinions and sentiments.

Decoding brand sentiment through social media

  • Get closer to your consumers and meet the people behind the numbers
  • Gain access to unsolicited, uncensored feelings and opinions about your brand
  • Combine a deep customer understanding with statistically valid insights
  • See your brand through your customers’ eyes
  • Challenge established thinking with real consumer insights

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