Understanding the New Normal consumer insights tracker program

Understanding the New Normal consumer insights tracker program

We build in data from the quant survey, social insights, external trusted sources and brand examples to bring the impact of COVID-19 to life

My life is back to normal

... Mar 2021

My life is far from normal

N = 3,400 adults 18+ per month (200 per country)

New results monthly

We asked people across the world to what extent they feel their lives have returned to normal.
Click through the graph to see each country’s results.

Check this space each month to watch the progression of our tracker.

Breakout findings

Curious about a sample of each month’s results? Look no further.

Client testimonials

icon testimonial

“Thanks a lot. I found it very informative and a good mix of consumer sentiment, desires, and nods towards eCommerce and communication.”

– Global Strategic Insights Excellence Manager, Oil

“Many thanks for sending the slides over. The two webinars you delivered so far were honestly very good. Very interesting insights, mix of quant and social data is also very interesting and I really appreciated the illustrations with brands’ initiatives. The combination of all this makes it a very pleasant presentation to follow and I know that my opinion is shared by some members from our insights community. Looking forward to the next one.”

– Head of Market Research, Food Services

“It was a good webinar. Have been attending a lot of these. But I liked that the MetrixLab presentation threw in a ladder of pragmatism.”

– Global Head of Innovation, FMCG

Strategic insight and advice

What actions can brands take to help consumers navigate “the new normal” brought on by COVID-19? The situation isn’t the same in every market and it’s constantly evolving around the world. Our 12-month Understanding the New Normal consumer insight program has a finger on the pulse of consumers in 17 markets worldwide.

Running from April 2020 – March 2021, this program leverages survey data, social insights and external sources to provide a holistic perspective and key actions for brands. Our aim is to create a collaborative learning community of researchers, experts and clients.

Contact us

Contact us

Every month our global team of experts leverages this data to help brands deepen their knowledge and stay connected with their consumers today.

Your input is also valuable because it can steer the program to get to the core of what brands need to know today – and help plan for tomorrow.

Get in touch with MetrixLab for the latest articles, whitepapers and more, and to learn how we can support you and your brand.

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