Like, share, subscribe – The key to a successful digital marketing influencer strategy

Like, share, subscribe – The key to a successful digital marketing influencer strategy

Like, share, subscribe

The key to a successful digital marketing influencer strategy

Gilbert Saktoe, Global Social Insights LeadRebeca de Reus, Research Manager

By Gilbert Saktoe, Global Social Insights Lead and
Rebeca de Reus (Research Manager)

4 billion. That’s how many people globally are expected to be part of the social media industry by the end of 2022. And the influencer marketing industry is all set to capitalize on this as it stays on track to grow to a $16.4 billion industry this year. It is clear, more than ever before, that the reach and power of social media and influencers have never been at a stronger and more influential level than it is now.

However, it’s not so easy to reach this massive audience with the click of a button. Multiple barriers stand in the way of brands reaching their target group. With the everchanging nature of algorithms, the need to fit content formats to its platforms, and balancing multiple social media, each with different expectations and rules, becomes more imperative. That’s where digital media influencers can help.

Choosing paid collaborations with influencers can be an important move with the current advertising and consumer landscape. They not only help reach a wide range of audiences via the chosen influencer(s)’ following, but also radically improve brand awareness and online buzz among those exposed to it.

With influencers having become the heart and soul of social media, it is key for a brand to have a digital marketing influencer strategy in place. With the proper strategy, brands can reach their target audience in the best and most efficient way.

What is a digital media influencer?

A digital media influencer is a content creator who has built credibility on a specific industry based on their knowledge on one or more topics. Celebrities, despite not having content creation as their main priority, also have the power and ability to influence people and should not be disregarded in this category.

Brands can leverage one or a mix of these four types of influencers for maximum reach, relevance, and success in their digital marketing. They can be:

Nano influencer
Micro influencer
Macro influencer
Mega influencer

A key point to remember here is that no single digital marketing influencer is a one-size-fits-all solution. There are certain factors to be considered when choosing which influencer to partner with and how to collaborate on a communication strategy.

Effective framework for choosing the right influencer

There are four key factors to consider when choosing your influencer: Inspiration, reach, relevance and brand fit.

Inspiration often involves looking at the digital landscape that you will be targeting and understanding where your consumers will engage with your influencer.

Once a thorough base has been formed, brands should dive into researching the kind of reach they would need based on their goals and outcomes for this strategy. This can include evaluating the kind of traffic they would need, the popularity of the influencer, their likes, views, and more that would define the influencer that speaks best to their audience.

Relevance also plays a big part as brands want to know which influencers have the best chances of changing consumers’ perceptions and opinions. Reach and relevance often go hand in hand. While it may depend on your goal which you may prioritize, it pays to strike a balance between the two for an optimal strategy.

Finally, as you shortlist potential digital marketing influencers based on those metrics, an important aspect that brands and companies should keep in mind but often forget is that of brand fit. Is the influencer you’ve chosen someone that matches your brand’s philosophy? What kind of past experiences make this influencer the right (or wrong) fit with your brand’s values?

Evidence-based framework to identify influencers

Best practices for success with influencers

Unique tone of voice 

Prioritize influencers with a unique tone of voice

Authenticity is one of the most important assets of an influencer. They can bring brands/products to the spotlight without the typical sales pitch. It is vital to brief them properly, ensuring that the content the influencer creates fits with your brand’s personality. Give them the freedom to be creative but set some boundaries whenever you think it is needed.

align with your brand/product 

Select influencers who align with your brand/product

Imagine you are disposable diaper manufacturer, and you choose a macro influencer very famous for sharing content about parenthood and baby care (your niche, your audience). However, this influencer is also an avid supporter of environmentally friendly products. Their audience won’t see a real connection with them and your product and could probably generate negative connections with your brand.
Thus, despite targeting the right target audience and achieving a good engagement rate, the negative outcome here would mean that the investment on this influencer would likely go down the drain.

think about your goal 

Think about your goal

Nano and micro influencers are great to influence a particular niche, but their reach, overall, is lower than the reach macro influencers and celebrities have. On the other hand, despite their massive ability to raise brand awareness, macro influencers and celebrities lack authenticity. There is a lot of online talk about the “right mix of influencers”, but at the end of the day, it all depends on the goals you set. A celebrity will pretty much help you if the goal is to create/improve brand awareness. If your brand wants to penetrate in different and specific niches, micro influencers can be the best option. As we’ve said before, it’s never a one size fits all solution.

Our experts work with cutting-edge technology to help you achieve success in not just strategizing, but also finding the right influencers for your brand. Find out more on how we can help you to develop a successful influencer strategy and what to keep in mind when doing so.

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