Predict ad performance fast with the power of human and artificial intelligence combined

Predict ad performance fast with the power of human and artificial intelligence combined

Validated results delivered
to you in as little as 2 hours

Select or optimize your best creative for maximum campaign impact with ACT Instant.

Maximize the power of AI-based coding, machine learning and predictive modeling rooted in a database of over 16,000 ads, combined with expert analysis from our advertising specialists. Utilize in-context exposure with predictive models based on our validated pre-test methodology to measure breakthrough and attention.

And because there are no surveys or respondents, you get cost-effective results fast.

Welcome to the future of creative testing

Fast and accurate: 70% of the coding is automated with the remaining 30% performed by our advertising specialists, ensuring high quality results
Detailed: Ads are coded and analyzed across 130+ creative elements
Scalable: Test hundreds of ads using the same methodology
In-depth: Predictive modeling analyzes individual elements and themes: Brand, Copy, Message, Scene, Character, Audio, Response
Actionable: Our advertising specialists provide written analysis of the results and recommendations
Strategic: You get more efficient and powerful meta-analyses to drive best practices and large-scale learnings

icon campaign advertising intelligence

ACT Instant is a
game changer for ad testing

We’ve taken the best of AI technology and added it to our unrivalled advertising expertise, so you get fast, accurate and high-quality insights on your ad campaigns. This is more than just the latest technology to deliver data fast, this is advertising intelligence at its very best.

  • Improve creative at speed to accelerate impact across more content in 20+ countries
  • Optimize hundreds of ads across platforms and formats including social video, online video, TV, banner and social static
  • Develop meta-learnings fast to realize greater impact across your entire creative development process
  • Leverage actionable recommendations and expert insights from the unrivalled combination of AI technology and advertising expertise
  • Get results at speeds that meet even the most demanding development timelines
Client checking results

Client testimonial

“It’s not just a magical black box. You’re seeing the process, you’re seeing what is being controlled by the human input and what’s being done by machines and computers. That transparency really gives you confidence.”

– Alex Bowsher, Strategic Insights Opportunities Manager, Colgate-Palmolive Company, Insights Association
June 2020 session

How it works

1 send advertising details

You send us your ad(s) and campaign details

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2 combination ai algorithms

A combination of AI algorithms and human advertising specialists code ads across 110+ creative elements

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3 input variables icon

We input the coded variables into a predictive model

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4 human advertising expert

A human advertising expert interprets your results with a storytelling angle

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5 actionable insights

You get actionable insights and clear recommendations

70% AI-based coding

MetrixLab’s proprietary automated coding process leverages the latest in facial recognition and machine learning to deliver predictive scoring of ad performance.

70% ai-coding-30% manual coding

30% manual coding by an advertising specialist

Human experts code the variables that AI can’t. The double coding process ensures that you get the highest level of accuracy and quality insights.

Powerful data

Coding yields over 300 data points per ad, for example:

data 1: brand Brand introduced at 2 seconds

data 2: logo Logo shown in top right corner for 5 seconds

data 3: scene changes Number of scene changes

data 4: number messages Number of messages delivered

data 5: background music Music used in background

How we code your ads

icon when should I use ACT instant

When to use ACT Instant

  • When you need ultra-quick turnaround
  • For detailed, actionable diagnostics
  • When screening large number of assets
  • For competitive assessments
  • To increase the efficiency and robustness of data in meta analyses
  • As an efficient complement to in-market campaign evaluations
  • If you want to demonstrate usage of cutting-edge approaches

icon insights and deliverables

Insights and deliverables

You’ll receive a fully analyzed report that includes one scorecard per ad tested:

  • Breakthrough and response scores across ads
  • Drivers of performance by theme and individual ad variables
  • Performance against best practices
  • Reasons for performance rating
  • Expert recommendations based on individual ad/campaign objectives

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Download our journal article to read more about AI as co-pilot for human decision making.


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