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We are a next generation research agency. Our curiosity makes the difference.

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Where we go, you grow. With 34 offices around the world and counting, we’re going fast and far.

The next big thing

The best ideas are found in unexpected places. You have the freedom to go to find them.

Fresh air

The more we act together, the fresher our perspectives. We want you to be you.


Magic happens when you truly enjoy your work and own it. Go on, put your stamp on it.


Ready to take it to the next level?
Check out our open positions below:

Australia Job Position
Australia – Sidney
Junior Research Manager
France Job Position
France – Paris
Office Manager
Germany Job Position
Germany – Frankfurt
Associate Director
India job position
India – Mumbai
Research Manager
Italy job position
Italy – Milan
Client Director
Netherlands job position
Netherlands – Rotterdam
Research Manager
Netherlands job position
Netherlands – Rotterdam
Senior Research Manager
Netherlands job position
Netherlands – Rotterdam
Junior Client Director
Poland job position
Poland – Warsaw
Senior Research Manager
Spain job position
Spain – Barcelona
Senior Research Manager
Switzerland job position
Switzerland (Remote)
Research Manager
United Arab Emirates job post

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Some of us at MetrixLab

About us

MetrixLab is a fast-growing global market research and insights company that’s challenging the status quo of insights. By blending evolving technology with passionate experts, MetrixLab helps global and local brands to drive more impact, and forges partnerships to drive sustainably equitable growth. From creative testing to brand tracking, and packaging to e-commerce optimization, MetrixLab’s range of solution suites adapts to fit all types of budgets, timelines and business needs.

Active in more than 90 countries, MetrixLab is a proud partner to more than half of the world’s top 100 brands and part of the Macromill Group.


Our Values

Think New, Think Deep

We approach each client with a fresh perspective and proactively put forward new ideas and solutions. We cultivate a mindset of persistence and encourage continuous search for the very essence of things beneath the surface.

Act Now, Act Together

From top to bottom, we are agile in putting ideas into action, and responsive to the ever-changing environment. We encourage a spirit of teamwork, collaboration and connectedness across all boundaries.

Be True, Be Open

We believe the secret to sustained growth is to remain true to our principles, clients, employees and society. We foster an environment with fine kaze-to-shi, making everyone feel free to communicate openly.

Own It, Enjoy It

We are accountable individually and collectively for the commitment we make. We find contentment and joy in fulfilling our role and refining the quality of our work.

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