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Product innovation

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How can I uncover new opportunities in my market?

Get closer to your market and consumers to inspire innovation. Using techniques such as social insights, consumer surveys and public online communities, we uncover consumer wants, needs, frustrations and motivations. We map your brand and consumer landscape to explore growth opportunities.

We help you:

  • Understand consumers’ habits, attitudes and experiences
  • Recognize category purchase drivers and barriers
  • Map the consumer decision journey and path to purchase
  • Identify white spaces and growth opportunities

MetrixLab operates a Social Insights Privacy Policy, which takes into account the privacy of people publishing content online.

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Develop and optimize

How can I turn my product ideas into successful, fully-formed propositions?

Bring your most promising product innovations to market. Determine the right product name, claims, price, pack type and size, and target consumer group. Then, develop winning go-to-market sales strategies. Using online and mobile approaches, we co-create, screen, validate and optimize your new concepts and product developments.

We help you:

  • Screen early product ideas
  • Validate and optimize your product concepts
  • Determine the right price point for your products
  • Identify the optimal product attribute combination
  • Shape your go-to-market strategy

Drive sales icon

Drive sales

How can I convert shoppers and sell more at the point of purchase?

Win at the point of purchase. Optimize your in-store presence, packaging design, product range and point-of-sale materials, to enhance shoppers’ experience and increase sales conversion. We evaluate both consumers’ and trade influencers’ perceptions and behavior for a complete understanding of the point-of-purchase dynamics. And we map the consumer decision journey to identify which touchpoints and messages most influence brand choice.

We help you:

  • Validate and maximize the power of your packaging design
  • Optimize your product portfolio
  • Improve your point-of-sale communications and activations
  • Build and enhance your trade marketing strategy

Let’s explore opportunities and drive innovation to help you grow.

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