Product Innovation

Product Innovation

The key to unlocking sustainable business growth

You want to:

solutions explore

Explore and identify growth opportunities

solutions test and experiment

Test and refine new concepts

solutions strategy

Create smart go-to-market sales strategies



Are there any new ideas left in my market? How can I uncover new opportunities in my market?

We’ll get you closer to your market and consumers than ever before. Together, we will map the brand and consumer landscape and identify opportunities for growth. Our techniques will uncover and explore consumer wants, needs and motivations. Consumers’ opinions and real-life experiences will inspire brand innovation and growth.

We can help you to:

  • Identify growth opportunities for your target market
  • Maximize new market opportunities
  • Test and develop concepts at speed and on budget
  • Fuel your innovation process


Test and refine

Is this new product idea good enough to take to the next stage?

We’ll craft, co-create, test and optimize your new concepts. This will enable you to bring only the best product innovations to market. Our online and mobile approaches screen, optimize and validate concepts, including assessing reactions in-store. We’ll help you find the right product name, price, pack size and selling points. You’ll then be empowered to develop winning go-to-market sales strategies.

Let us help you to:

  • Co-create successful new product ideas
  • Optimize concepts and shape your go-to-market strategy
  • Validate product performance at every stage
  • Optimize product packaging and price


Sell smart

Can I drive growth by focusing on the point of purchase?

We evaluate unprompted consumer opinion and compare your new product against the competition. We’ll ensure you maximize your pack design, messaging and range. In-store research technologies will identify improvements to shopper navigation and POS activities. We map the consumer decision journey to identify which touchpoints most impact sales. This intelligence will help you win at the point of purchase.

Here’s how to set smart sales strategies:

  • Track new product launches
  • Improve in-store navigation and shopper conversion
  • Optimize your product portfolio
  • Maximize and validate the power of pack design
  • Map the consumer path to purchase

Let us help you to identify and seize new ideas and opportunities