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Fuel brand growth and fine-tune
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Understand Brand Health iconUnderstand your brand’s health
versus the competition

Create right impact iconCreate impact by identifying
the right creative executions

Improve media effectiveness iconImprove
media effectiveness

Understand Brand Health icon


How do consumers perceive my brand compared to the competition?

We help you understand your brand’s health in the eyes of consumers. Regular surveys and/or social insights provide data on how consumers perceive your brand compared to competitors. Our techniques give you a clear interpretation of social media sentiment, digital performance and corporate reputation.

Let us help you:

  • Diagnose the health of your brand in depth
  • Analyze sentiment on social media
  • See how your corporate reputation changes over time
  • Take action to alter brand perception

Create right impact icon

Create impact

Is my ad optimized for different formats?

We test your creative, from initial ideas to near-complete ads across all formats. We do this using qualitative and visual methods to provide a full understanding of consumers’ responses. We help you assess your digital ads on desktop and mobile, providing an interactive dashboard of clear results. We can also help you increase the effectiveness of your website and reduce bounce rates.

We can help you:

  • Test your creative ideas and executions
  • Diagnose ad performance in any medium
  • Understand how your digital ads work across all screen formats
  • Optimize the user experience on your website

Improve media efectiveness icon

Maximize media

What was the impact of my campaign and how can I improve my media?

We help you determine the effectiveness of your media. We do this by evaluating the impact of your campaign across touchpoints with exposed and unexposed groups, and/or through social insights. We analyze and explain the performance of each brand touchpoint, including social media. We ensure you maximize the impact of your online and mobile owned media. And we help you inspire your key social media influencers.

We can help you maximize your media spend by:

  • Evaluating a single ad or entire campaign
  • Monitoring social media campaigns and adjusting activities accordingly
  • Analyzing media spend across all channels, collectively and individually
  • Tracking all activities including digital, social and PR
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your owned media including websites

Let’s understand your brand’s health, identify the right creative and
maximize your media spend. Together, we can grow your business.

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