MetrixLab Singapore: Success, opportunities and growth during COVID-19

MetrixLab Singapore: Success, opportunities and growth during COVID-19

Gayatri Srikant, Managing Director MetrixLab Singapore

By Gayatri Srikant,
Managing Director MetrixLab Singapore

Even though we only celebrated our fifth birthday a few months ago, the MetrixLab Singapore office is already making its mark. We were so honored to be shortlisted for Marketing Magazine’s Marketing Agency of the Year Award this year, and in fact it led some of us to reflect on who we are as a team and how we’ve been successful.

A typical day at the office a few months ago would be full of energy, with lots of team meetings throughout the day and chattering across desks when something interesting pops up. But nowadays, we share this excitement via video chat. At the moment we heard about our nomination, I was in a call with Jo Lynn Lee (Research Director Singapore) and Carlijn Tummers (Regional Research Director AMEA) and we started to think about some of the great moments over the past years.

Challenging the obvious is the norm

Obviously, we could think of a lot that sets us apart from other agencies. Before we started working from home due to COVID-19, it wouldn’t be unusual to find people staying back in the office in the evening to have a chat or put the finishing touches on a project, or have some dinner together. Jo Lynn added, “I would say what differs here is that researchers of all levels are given an equal opportunity to contribute to discussions. Researchers also get lots of exposure to different solutions across industries, from copy testing, packaging, claim tests, pricing studies and custom studies.” There is no hierarchy in our culture, and each person can really make an impact. And it pays off for our researchers to get such a breadth of experience across industries and methodologies.

One of the biggest markers of success for Jo Lynn is seeing how people of different levels upgrade themselves. Fresh graduates have grown into capable researchers who are knowledgeable across different research methodologies and categories. We’ve also had senior researchers being approached by clients for job opportunities. As weird as it may sound, having team members leaving the company to work on the client side, it is something we celebrate! It shows that we’ve groomed them to be strong researchers and that they have demonstrated skills of a strong caliber that clients value.

Something else that we truly value (and that is surely part of a top researcher’s skill set) is making sure that we prioritize fresh thinking and ideas. “I think our fresh perspective and enthusiasm truly sets us apart,” Carlijn adds. “Our clients have appreciated our willingness to go beyond the obvious and that we dare to challenge the norms.” The Singapore office opened just five years ago so we are a young team in many ways (the average age in the team is just 28), which helps usher in lots of new ideas.

But the youngest members in the team show maturity beyond their years. And the oldest have the most excitement and energy! Again, this mix of perspectives encourages a “work hard, play hard” spirit with strong bonds that carry on outside the office. Everyone, regardless of their position, title, age, etc. contributes to decision processes, which leads to a diversity of great ideas and initiatives. In addition to creating room for every team member to develop themselves, this makes it so that everything we do is full of fresh ideas and multiple perspectives.

Enjoying the collaboration more than the outcome

At the end of the day, we can all agree that we’re bonded by our core value of empathetic and adaptable collaboration. As a team, and in the work we do with our clients, we are defined by the way we support each other and celebrate each other’s success. Our focus has always been on partnering and being an active listener to clients, and as a team, we have each other’s back. This has built a highly trusting environment.

COVID-19 has of course changed the way that we and our clients work, and everyone is uncertain about what the future will look like. But we’re confident that we can keep making an impact together. One key thing that has contributed to the smooth way of working in the team is trusting each other to deliver the job, as Jo Lynn says. I think she put it best when she said, “Regardless of wins or losses, we value acting together, being our own bosses and daring to decide. Staying true to this idea is what keeps us going.”

While Marketing Magazine’s nomination signifies the big strides that our business has taken in the last five years, it reminds us that our underlying values remain central to our definition of success, and that is something we are quite proud of.  What makes us a successful and happy team hasn’t changed, even during the COVID-19 crisis. In the coming months, we’ve got a lot to look forward to in terms of new projects and growth. But what we’re most looking forward to is going back to office, eating together, having fun together while continuing to break barriers and stretching boundaries – and that to me is the true definition of team growth and success.

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