4 ways you can optimize your creative testing process by using an AI-powered pre-testing solution

4 ways you can optimize your creative testing process by using an AI-powered pre-testing solution

Angela Tramontelli Digital Communications Specialist at MetrixLab

By Angela Tramontelli,
Digital Content Specialist at MetrixLab

It’s 2020. The speed of business demands solutions that help your organization keep pace in the ever-evolving world of advertising. Enter the rise of AI-powered solutions. But how does the technology actually help you do your job better, as an insights professional? Our newest pre-testing solution ACT Instant was designed to help alleviate the challenges you face in today’s media and creative environments. For when you don’t have time to wait on results, ACT Instant predicts ad performance so you can optimize and select your best creative for hundreds of ads as quickly as possible.

With all the buzz that AI and machine learning has generated in the insights industry in recent years, you must have heard the hype by now. But if you’re still unsure whether AI can deliver the results you need, here are 4 reasons we think you should consider that the future of creative testing just may be AI-powered.

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1. Combine powerful AI technology with human expertise to get the best of both worlds

The capabilities of AI technology are progressing by leaps and bounds, but there are still limits to what we can automate. We can write machine learning programs to analyze a lot of visual ad elements, like the number of scene changes, whether there’s music in the background, where a brand logo appears and for how long, and so on. But today’s algorithms can’t yet accurately process subtle elements related to humor, or identify which words being used are the key messages within an ad. With ACT Instant, a machine learning program analyzes and codes the ad by breaking down its distinctive elements. 70% of the coding is done automatically by algorithms with the remaining 30% coded by (human) advertising experts. In the end, you get an in-depth understanding of your ads’ performance faster than by using surveys and respondents.

2. Don’t spend extra time analyzing your own data

You’re busy enough as it is, why not save yourself some trouble and take advantage of someone else’s expertise? Another benefit of combining AI technology with human expertise is that an advertising specialist can deliver actionable insights and clear recommendations for you. Other AI-powered solutions may deliver fast results, but without the human analysis you don’t get the full picture to help you make decisions or know what to optimize in your ads. You might also have to analyze the data yourself. A human advertising expert does a deep-dive analysis to interpret your ACT Instant results into a clear story for you and your team. You’ll know exactly what your next steps should be without putting more of your time into the analysis.

3. Leverage 15+ years of in-context ad testing experience in one go

In order to develop ACT Instant’s predictive capabilities, we leveraged a database of over 16,000 ads to develop models that can predict performance based on our gold-standard pre-testing solutions. Those solutions utilize in-context exposure to measure breakthrough via consumer engagement and attention, so your results are as true to life as possible. In today’s media environment, consumers have more control than ever over the content they pay attention to. That’s why breakthrough measurement is key in assessing ad performance – it shows whether your ad is capable of getting consumers’ attention in the first place. Our approaches have always tested ads in an unforced environment, which gives viewers the choice to engage or not just as they’ll have when seeing ads in real life. Models based only on forced exposure approaches don’t accurately reflect today’s media landscape and the dynamic nature of digital platforms because they don’t measure breakthrough – whether or not an ad is actually noticed by viewers. ACT Instant models take these elements into account since they are based on in-context, behavior-driven approaches.

4. Get results in as little as 2 hours to make better decisions faster

By leveraging automated predictive modeling, ACT Instant can deliver results at the speed at which you need to make decisions. Today’s creative development process moves so quickly that brands don’t always have the time to include the consumer perspective, even though they’re producing creative in higher volumes than ever. An AI-powered solution like ACT Instant can help by adding agility, automation and affordability so that you can integrate research into your creative testing process when there isn’t time or budget for traditional research tools.

Welcome to the future of creative testing

When you need to make better decisions faster on the creative impact of your brand’s campaigns, ACT Instant predicts ad performance so that you can optimize your creative across social video, online video, TV, banner and social static ad formats. By combining the latest AI technology with our validated pre-testing methodology and human advertising expertise, ACT Instant delivers actionable insights that show you the full picture of your ad performance. Get results in as little as 2 hours.

To learn more about ACT Instant, get in touch with one of our AI experts.

Welcome to the future of the creative testing

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