Press release: MetrixLab adds voice recording to consumer surveys

Press release: MetrixLab adds voice recording to consumer surveys

press release

Talking research: MetrixLab adds voice recording to consumer surveys

Pioneering a new way of data gathering

10 November 2022 – MetrixLab is pleased to announce the launch of voice recording in its surveys. This innovative technique challenges the way research findings are collected and gives respondents a new way to answer questionnaires. Spoken comments offer the potential to enhance research results by delivering a richness of information that is often difficult to deliver within the strict confines of traditional online surveys.

The approach is currently being piloted by one of the research agency’s clients, Dutch insurance provider Achmea. As well as enjoying the considerable benefits of collecting insights at scale, they can also understand a wide range of emotional responses to their questions. This innovative technique is the result of a partnership between MetrixLab and Phebi, a leading-edge technology player that has developed a tool that collects and analyzes voice recordings.

Anja Denekamp, CX Manager Achmea says: “We are excited to be trialing this new approach to data collection with MetrixLab. We are looking forward to analyzing the results, which we fully expect to deliver high-quality consumer responses at the scale that our business values.”

Global Innovation Consultant at MetrixLab, Carlijn Tummers explains: “At MetrixLab we are always challenging the status quo to help our clients answer their particular business questions. Here we’ve been able to blend new technology with our research expertise to enhance the richness and quality of feedback from online surveys. Many people are already using voice commands in their homes and vehicles. We are exploring this technology to understand its impact on the quality of insights when we simplify survey completion and measure respondents’ emotions passively.”

About MetrixLab

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Carlijn Tummers

Carlijn Tummers

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