Video: How bartender recommendations differ around the world

Video: How bartender recommendations differ around the world

Bartender preferences and consumer tastes differ from one country to the next. But one thing that doesn’t change across borders is that bartenders are making recommendations to consumers on what brands to drink. They know the most about local markets, and they’re in the driver’s seat to push trends and influence consumer decisions.

From Mexico City to Moscow

As the spirits world becomes more and more sophisticated, customers are becoming more willing to try new things. And they’re looking to their bartenders for guidance. Bartender recommendations reflect regional differences and provide insight into category preference and consumer tastes across markets. The following time lapse shows the average number of recommendations a bartender gives per year for each category and how those recommendations differ across the globe, from Barcelona to Toronto.

Top recommended categories by bartenders

You can see beer recommendations dominate in Toronto, tequila in Mexico City, vodka in Moscow and of course champagne in Paris. But what you also see is how the other categories perform against these leading categories within each market, providing insights on where you can focus your efforts on promoting and educating these influencers about your brand’s portfolio.

What does this mean for you?

You want to make decisions that keep your brand top-of-mind for your customers, but also for those who serve them. MetrixLab leverages 15 years of trend data to give you the actionable insights you need to grow your brand in the eyes of bartenders across the globe. These influencers are the ones who make or break your success at the bar, and when you’re their preferred choice, you become their customers’ choice.

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