Social Insights

Social insights

Define your brand’s next steps
based on the opinion
of your consumers

MetrixLab offers a range of market research solutions based on public user-generated content. We listen to what people are saying online about your brand, product, service, campaign and industry. We then turn this information into strategy-changing social insights tailored to your brand goals.

Our advanced technology and thorough methodology is what sets us apart. This combination enables us to deliver accurate, high-quality data quickly and at an affordable price point.

But our work doesn’t stop there. Our team of marketing research experts then turns your social data into mind-changing insights and actionable recommendations. So you can get started with implementing meaningful changes to your product, brand or campaign right away.

We can also integrate all our social insights solutions into our survey-based solutions. Social media insights (or social media feedback) gives you a more complete understanding of your consumers’ perceptions and behavior.

Social insights the MetrixLab way

Complete data sets

Complete data sets

We analyze public user-generated content about your brand online.

Relevant & Categorized data

Categorized data

Machine learning combined with human analysis guarantees more than 95% data relevancy

Global network

Global network

Our local analysts can interpret cultural nuances and local terminology in 50+ countries



We put your data into context by benchmarking it against competitor results

Actionable insights

Expert consultancy

Our marketing research experts provide strategy-changing insights and recommendations

Fast & Affordable

Fast and affordable

Our quickest solution delivers results in just two weeks

MetrixLab operates a Social Insights Privacy Policy, which takes into account the privacy of people publishing content online.

Our social insights solutions

Inspire icon


Get the inspiration needed for innovation

Tune into the vast amount of public user-generated content to learn what consumers are saying about your market, brand, products and competitors. Understand consumers’ needs, frustrations and motivations. Find out how they are consuming products and using services. Discover what visual associations they make with your industry, product or brand. And identify developing trends and hot topics of conversation in your sector.

Use this information to:

  1. 1Extend your product or service range
  2. 2Improve your services and user experience
  3. 3Get ideas for new creatives and marketing campaigns
  4. 4Identify other unique and unexpected opportunities for development

Brand Fame icon


Maintain and enhance your digital brand health

Listen to what fans and critics of your brand are saying online about their experiences and perceptions. Plus, hear what those of your competitors also have to say.

We then help you to:

  1. 1Capture your brand performance with a single brand health score
  2. 2Compare your brand’s reputation and strengths against those of your competitors
  3. 3Zoom in on the details to understand the reasons behind your score
  4. 4Track your brand health score over time
  5. 5Create action plans to improve your brand positioning

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Measure the social success of your (influencer) campaigns

See what consumers post publicly online in response to your marketing campaigns. Find out who is interacting with it, how many people are talking about it, who is driving the conversation, and what they are saying.

Use this data to:

  1. 1Measure your campaign KPIs, including reach, engagement, drivers and sentiment
  2. 2Understand how the effects of your campaign are amplified on social media
  3. 3Establish which campaign elements resonate with your target audience, and which don’t
  4. 4Adapt your targeting, messaging, influencer strategy and media spend accordingly

Create stronger brands, products and campaigns with social insights.
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