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Unlock the power of social media analytics with MetrixLab’s Social Insights

MetrixLab’s range of Social Insights solutions revolutionizes the way user-generated content can be leveraged for actionable insights.

Our approach combines advanced analytics, human intelligence, and machine learning to help you identify areas for improvement and drive more business impact.
We extract data from a wide range of publicly accessible sources, including all major social media platforms, forums, blogs, online shops, review sites, and more to give you an exhaustive view.
Use these insights to make informed, purposeful decisions tailored to your brand goals.
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Social Insights, the MetrixLab way

Icon accurate data

Accurate, high-quality data

We combine the best of human and machine intelligence to ensure high-quality, accurate data.

Icon high return

High return on investment

With Social Insights, you can improve customer satisfaction, create more effective campaigns, improve your brand’s health, and develop better products.

Icon easy integration

Easy integration

We can easily integrate user-generated content with other sources, such as surveys and search data, to provide a complete picture of your consumers.

Icon expert consultancy

Expert consultancy

Our team of researchers, consultants, and software developers provide the most relevant and actionable insights for your business – regardless of what challenges may arise.

Icon low investment

Low investment, high flexibility

Our pricing is tailored to your specific needs, so you can obtain high-quality data without breaking the bank.

Curious to learn more? Read all about our range of solutions below.

Our Social Insights solutions

Icon brand fame


Monitor, understand, and improve your brand’s digital performance

Gain actionable insights into your brand’s digital performance by actively listening to your digital audience and uncovering what’s being said about your products, services, and campaigns online. Discover how your digital brand perception compares to competitors and use this knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.

Brand Fame equips you with insights that will drive continuous improvement and optimize your brand’s health:

  1. 1. Understand your brand’s digital performance with a single brand health score
  2. 2. Benchmark against competitors to reveal your brand’s strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities for improvement
  3. 3. Take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of your brand health score’s drivers: from campaigns and influencers to brand associations, product attributes, and more
  4. 4. Track your brand health score over time and monitor progress
  5. 5. Create action plans to elevate your brand positioning
Icon Inspire


Get inspiration to grow your brand

Tap into millions of user-generated posts to learn what consumers are saying about your market, brand, products, and competitors. Understand consumers’ needs, frustrations, and motivations and scope out trends and hot topics of conversation in your sector. Use these insights to innovate and extend your product range, improve your customer experience, and develop new ways to connect with your audience.

With Inspire, you can leverage user-generated content to:

  1. 1. Identify opportunities for product, brand, and marketing innovation
  2. 2. Understand consumer needs, sentiments, and consumption habits
  3. 3. Learn about consumer communities and pinpoint thought leaders to improve targeting
  4. 4. Recognize friction points in the customer journey and improve user experience
Icon Buzz


Measure the social success of your (influencer) campaigns

Learn how your audience is responding to your campaigns, where there’s room for improvement, and which influencers or creative assets are right for your campaign or brand. Measure the buzz and unlock the true power of data-driven marketing!

What Buzz can help you do:

  1. 1. Measure your campaign KPIs, including reach, engagement, drivers, and sentiment
  2. 2. Understand how the effects of your campaign(s) are amplified on social media
  3. 3. Establish which campaign elements resonate with your target audience and which don’t
  4. 4. Adapt your targeting, messaging, influencer strategy, and media spend accordingly


Create stronger brands, products, and campaigns with Social Insights.
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