Bayer ASEAN uses digital qual insights to optimize campaign to boost purchase of vitamin C supplement

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Case study

Bayer ASEAN uses digital qual insights

to optimize campaign to boost purchase of vitamin C supplement

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Business challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the business of nearly every company in the world. Brands suddenly needed to slash budgets, adjust strategies and increase agility to be able to stay connected to consumers in an ever-changing market landscape. Bayer ASEAN planned to launch a new campaign for vitamin C supplement Redoxon to connect with consumers who had started taking Redoxon during the pandemic. The goal of this campaign was to support consumers in continuing to boost their immunity with regular use of Redoxon by making it easy and interesting for them to integrate Redoxon into their daily cooking habits.

Without the option of an offline qualitative focus group during the pandemic, Bayer was looking for a way to get granular qualitative feedback on their early stage creative. Speed and actionability were essential as there were only 4 days between the session and shooting of the ad.


Our approach

Like many innovative companies today, Bayer had already been pushing the digitalization of their global research efforts before the pandemic. So they turned to MetrixLab’s mass digital qualitative solution Immerse to get consumers’ firsthand perspectives on Redoxon’s Jamie campaign. MetrixLab invited 60 consumers each in Vietnam and Indonesia to a live online discussion on the AI-powered Immerse platform. On the platform, respondents see different creative stimuli in real time and provide feedback. Using AI, the platform analyzes the opinions and interactions of participants, and helps to understand the responses that best represent the group. Bayer and their creative agency could remotely observe the sessions and add questions on the fly.

Observing the digital discussion enabled the Bayer team to fully understand consumers’ intuitive and rational reactions to the strengths and weaknesses of the creative.

A debrief immediately after the online session allowed MetrixLab and Bayer to align on key insights that would steer the execution of the key scenes of the creative. Within two days after the session, MetrixLab delivered the topline results, in time to optimize the storyboard before shooting began. Compared to traditional focus groups, creative testing using Immerse allowed Bayer to engage with more consumers at the same time, gaining faster and deeper insights.


The Immerse session helped Bayer identify key improvements to the campaign that would ensure greater breakthrough, attention and emotional resonance with consumers. Bayer used the results to:

  • Optimize breakthrough by starting the ad with a lighter tone
  • Identify the best way to encourage consumers to boost immunity-building routines
  • Prevent attention loss by adjusting the pace of the ad
  • Retain attention by focusing on the most appealing scenes and messages
  • Spark consumer interest by highlighting the most attractive and novel ways of consuming Redoxon
  • Leverage wider campaign materials by including a call to action at the end of the ad

The overall result was a disruptive campaign proven to break through and resonate with consumers. The recipes featured in the ad sparked consumer interest and motivated them to consume the supplement in new and creative ways.

Bayer results


What Bayer told us

“The findings of this study have tremendously helped us to shape the campaign to be more impactful. The success of the Redoxon project encouraged us to test more ads via Immerse across other ASEAN markets” says Retno Purwanto, ASEAN Regional Business Analytic and Consumer Insight Lead for Bayer.

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