Press release: MetrixLab continues to push boundaries with AI pre-testing tool

Press release: MetrixLab continues to push boundaries with AI pre-testing tool

8 December 2020 – After a successful launch for Social Video ads in the US Market in November 2019, MetrixLab has extended its innovative tool ACT Instant worldwide and across multiple ad formats, including TV and banner ads. The solution uses the machine and deep learning elements of artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with human insights expertise to predict advertising performance. The solution doesn’t require surveys or respondents and enables clients to pre-test advertising in as little as two hours. Uniquely, the enhanced tool measures creative breakthrough in a real-world context in which ads are viewed, unlike many methodologies that do not capture whether an ad grabs consumers’ attention. Clients receive the full benefits of traditional pre-testing at a fraction of the time and price.

Artificial and human intelligence combined

During a year of pre-testing ads MetrixLab helped clients in sectors ranging from FMCG to financial, travel to media, the experts at MetrixLab optimized the process of data analysis by human experts. In many cases, a pre-test can be carried out within two hours. ACT Instant is unique among the emerging class of AI-powered pre-testing solutions in that incorporates human insights and recommendations (which is important when taking into account local interpretation, use of slang or emotional cues), but retains the speed of a fully automated solution. This is in line with a body of research that points to the need for humans to get the best out of AI.

Granular insights without the surveys

ACT Instant utilizes best-in-class custom algorithms to code ads across 130+ variables for unparalleled granularity. Machine learning-based predictive modelling ensures that overall performance predictions align with the validated copy testing approaches that MetrixLab has historically used to test thousands of ads each year.

Jolique Weelink, Global Director, Innovation and Consultancy at MetrixLab says: “We see a high demand for agile solutions to get to faster insights and more meta-learnings. For us, AI isn’t just a buzzword, it’s something that we’ve built into our unique and validated pre-testing methodology to deliver high quality and fast delivery combined with insights expertise at a global scale. We’re confident this is a first for AI-based measurement of breakthrough potential that accounts for the current media environment and how people consume media today.”

MetrixLab already utilizes proprietary solutions across the entire creative development lifecycle from early stage concept development to finished creative testing. ACT Instant complements the suite of final creative solutions by providing clients with detailed advertising recommendations and predictive performance based on algorithms coupled with analysis from advertising experts.

Find out more about ACT Instant here.

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