Video: Innovate with us

Video: Innovate with us

Innovation is at the core of our business success. See how we collaborated with top clients like General Motors, Heineken and The Walt Disney Studios to help them make faster, better decisions.  Innovate with us. Find out more:

Innovation at MetrixLab

Video transcript: Innovation at MetrixLab

We address your changing needs more efficiently and more effectively, with new and advanced research solutions.

From accelerating results with artificial intelligence, to finding innovative ways to capture emotions to delivering the granular detail you need for confident decision-making.

We meet your new challenges and help you stay ahead of the market, by innovating and co-developing with you.

We’re already partnering with General Motors to improve its vehicle development process by creating an interactive build-your-own car survey.

We’re helping HEINEKEN understand and apply their ad testing results faster by co-developing tailored automated reporting.

And we’re empowering The Walt Disney Studios to make more confident marketing decisions, by building a system that measures the impact of individual campaign touchpoints in real time.

We’re streamlining our processes and harnessing the latest technology to be a faster and more agile partner.

From automated end-to-end digital research platforms, to artificial intelligence, data integration and new passive measurement technology.

Let’s dig deeper. Let’s go faster. Let’s move ahead. Innovate with us.

Now that you’ve seen the tip of the iceberg, would you like to know more? We’ve harnessed the latest research thinking and technology including passive digital measurement, data integration, digital deliverables and artificial intelligence in our latest solutions.  And we won’t stop there – pioneering new solutions is in our DNA. Here’s what we’re working on now:

  • Branded Content Testing to help you choose and optimize the best content
  • Campaign Monitor to gain integrated perspective and future-proofed campaign evaluation
  • ACT Instant to pre-test copy and predict ad performance using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Brand Tracking to measure brand health using System 1 and System 2 thinking

Let’s dig deeper. Let’s go faster. Let’s move ahead. And let’s do it together.

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