Press release: MetrixLab adds AI solution to its market-leading pack design testing suite

Press release: MetrixLab adds AI solution to its market-leading pack design testing suite

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MetrixLab adds AI solution to its market-leading pack design testing suite

31 October 2022 – MetrixLab has launched an addition to its successful packaging design testing suite of solutions, introducing PACT Instant into the portfolio. The innovative hybrid AI-powered solution delivers in-depth evaluation of existing and new designs. Results are available in as little as 48 hours.

The methodology maximizes MetrixLab’s meta-learnings developed over 15 years of design testing, which form the basis from which to benchmark pack designs. PACT Instant combines AI algorithms with guided human design expertise to provide a perspective on the power of the tested design. The agency has already successfully used this new approach to test creative executions, providing clients with clear and actionable recommendations at speed.

Some of MetrixLab’s global FMCG clients have already experienced PACT Instant. The agency carried out a case study into the alcoholic beverage market for hard seltzers showing the solution in action. It uses a typical client challenge to showcase the methodology, share the findings and reveal the type of guidance given to the four brands in the example.

Alexander Kleijngeld, Senior Solution Consultancy at MetrixLab says: “The team at MetrixLab has an enviable reputation for excellence in packaging design benchmarking, screening, validation and optimization. Our clients rely on the PACT suite of solutions for actionable insights that deliver business impact. We work in partnership with our clients, and these strong relationships help us continually improve our approach to meet their evolving needs. PACT Instant harnesses AI and human expertise to give clients cost-effective access to in-depth reliable insights at the speed they need.”

About MetrixLab

MetrixLab is a fast-growing global market research and insights company that’s challenging the status quo of insights. By blending evolving technology with passionate experts, MetrixLab helps global and local brands to drive more impact, and forges partnerships to drive sustainably equitable growth. From creative testing to brand tracking, and packaging to e-commerce optimization, MetrixLab’s range of solution suites adapts to fit all types of budgets, timelines and business needs.

Active in more than 90 countries, MetrixLab is a proud partner to more than half of the world’s top 100 brands and part of the Macromill Group.

Alexander Kleijngeld

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