Video: What our clients Facebook and Boiron say about campaign efficiency and pack testing benchmarks

Video: What our clients Facebook and Boiron say about campaign efficiency and pack testing benchmarks

Takeaways from the Printemps des Etudes 2019 event

Welcome to Printemps des Etudes, a melting pot of the latest thinking in marketing, insight and communication held in Paris in April 2019. If you missed the event this year, we hope you’ll watch our short video which introduces you to the key topics as discussed by our clients Facebook and Boiron.

Printemps des Etudes: the lastest thinking and what clients say

This year there were hundreds of visitors to the event and to our stand. Many people talked to us about the need to deliver maximum return for their marketing spend by pinpointing the effectiveness and efficiency of each campaign and providing analysis by target audience group. They were interested to know how effective their mobile optimization and digital targeting were, and if they were reaching their audience.

This is a key area of focus for us, and we presented on this topic alongside our client Mayssa Chehab, Head of Marketing Science France and Iberia for Facebook. In the film you can see her talking about the importance of mobile video. Her top tips for brands publishing mobile video on Facebook are to optimize for mobile specifically (remember it’s a small screen she says), ensure your brand and message are shown very quickly, and keep consumers’ mobile behavior in mind when developing your creative.

Nadege Meillier, Head of Market Research and Think Tank at Boiron, shared her experience of working with MetrixLab on pack testing and the importance of benchmarking. Not just from your own industry, but from others too. We’ve used our years of expertise in pack testing to create techniques that help clients develop more powerful packaging.

This event is always inspiring! This year we were surrounded by innovation, much of it driven by technology. It also served as a reminder that everyone’s business is being disrupted, and there are so many diverse business challenges. It’s important to keep your focus – and to measure your activities to prove ROI.

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