Three steps to digital advertising success

Three steps to digital advertising success


Creating a successful digital ad campaign is a challenge, but pre-testing can save you time and money, as well as dramatically increasing your chances of success. First comes the ideation or big idea testing phase. But after this comes the job of transforming your early- stage creative into a real advertisement.

This is an expensive process. To maximize your investment, you need to ensure that you’re making the right decisions at each stage of your campaign’s development.

The good news is that there are just three steps to ensuring your creative has maximum impact…

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First: choose the right concept and test it

First step to digital advertising success

All campaigns start with an idea. But with 65% of campaigns failing due to creative issues, you need to know if your idea works. Running a comprehensive advertising test will help determine if a campaign will be accepted or rejected by your target audience? Do they see it as relevant and credible? Will it deliver the desired return on investment (ROI)?

Our ACT-Early ad concept pre-testing solution provides rich quantitative and qualitative feedback on your early-stage creative. It uses proven ad theory, open-ended diagnostics, digital marker, eye tracking and moment-by-moment evaluation techniques.

Making the pre-test phase incredibly intuitive, it analyzes the extent to which your idea is accepted or rejected. And it will tell you exactly what your target audience likes and dislikes about your concept. By doing this it enables you to optimize your campaigns before they go into the costly production phase.


We run >1,500 creative tests annually

pretesting step one

Concept testing

A Concept Test can predict copy test results

We commissioned Tilburg University to test the validity of our step one (ACT-Early) solution. This independent analysis shows a statistically significant relationship between concept and copy testing (90-95%).

When our clients and their agencies implemented 80% or more of the recommendations, from a concept pre-test, they saw significantly higher scores in copy testing across attention and memory metrics.

This does not mean that advertisers no longer need to copy test

Our experts uncover instances where bad creation of a good concept can negatively impact performance – and brands will want to avoid this.

Ad copy testing can help to identify and address these situations.

Next: assess your ads ability to break through in context

Second step to digital advertising success

You’ve pre-tested your idea, created your ad and now you want to see how it works across media. Will people notice it? Will it engage them?
Will they remember it and/ or the brand? Do they like it? Will it drive them to make a purchase?

ACT-Copy will answer these questions and more, enabling you to fine-tune your creative and media plan. Utilizing simulated natural environments such as mock websites and Facebook feeds enable a better measurement of the breakthrough potential of your ad.


This means you benefit from knowing whether your ads have the necessary power to cut through in-market. The performance of your ads is also benchmarked against other ad test executions that have run in the past three years.

Our normative database for testing digital ads includes data from 20+ countries

pretesting step two

Copy testing

Ad copy testing is a vital quality check

Independent analysis of our step one (ACT-Early) and step two (ACT-Copy) solutions highlights that ad copy testing is an important second quality check.

It is your final opportunity to improve creative before a large proportion of your media budget is committed.

We’ve run pre-tests on more than 11,500 digital ads

with more than 1.1 million consumers and we’ve been happy to share the results.

Before launch: Ad-Vance your digital campaigns with big picture learnings

Third step to digital advertising success

So you’ve created your ads and run a pre-test. You now need to choose the best digital ads to run. Which will deliver against brand KPIs? Which work best across different platforms (e.g. Facebook) and devices (e.g. mobile)? Where do your current digital ads need to be improved?

Ad-Vance provides a complete appraisal and thorough communication test of your digital ads, presenting the results in a handy scorecard format within six to seven days. Each scorecard includes break through, ad evaluation and persuasiveness metrics with clear recommendations.

What’s more, all your advertising test evaluations are held in a dynamic online library to aid bigger picture learning. These features combine to empower you to make timely decisions, take decisive action and consistently enhance your digital advertising.

Digital ad test scorecards are delivered in days, not weeks


pre-testing dynamic digital library / dashboard

It contains your digital, mobile, social, TV and print creatives. Use it to analyze the performance of your tested creative to build big picture learnings.

pretesting step three

Screening and optimization

Ad-Vance is a fast and furious, cost-efficient approach for choosing and optimizing the best ads to generate highest brand sand sales effects.

Validated approach to improve advertising performance over time and generate higher brand lift results in market.

Ads shouldn’t be boring, neither should your ad testing.
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MetrixLab is a fast growing global digital market research agency. We deliver fast, scalable and efficient advertising pre-testing solutions for an unparalleled value. We can help you optimize your campaigns and maximize your ROI.

pretesting step one

Concept testing

pretesting step two

Copy testing

pretesting step three

Screening and optimization

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