Creative testing with MetrixLab

Creative testing with MetrixLab

Optimize creative development from initial idea to final ad with our full suite of creative testing solutions.

From optimizing early-stage ideas and concepts to predictive forecasting of ad performance, our agile solution modules can assist in a variety of situations, from providing deep understanding of performance drivers and areas of optimization to simple go/no-go decision making scenarios.
Find out whether your ad will grab consumers’ attention and if it resonates emotionally with in-context measurement  that assesses breakthrough potential.
Leverage dashboards, digital scorecards and visual libraries to quickly and easily access your data to build meta learnings that drive business impact.
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The number of ads we are exposed to has grown tremendously over the last decade, across digital formats and platforms. As a brand, your creative needs to be strong from the initial idea to final ad in order to grab consumers’ attention and deliver the right messages. Predicting breakthrough success during a pre-test is more critical than ever, because if consumers aren’t noticing your ads in the first place, you are wasting media budget.

Our agile suite of solutions is designed to inspire, guide and optimize your creative throughout the full development cycle, so you can make smarter creative decisions faster.


What makes our approach unique:

  • In-context ad exposure to measure breakthrough potential
  • Passive measurement of consumer behavior, giving consumers the choice to engage, watch or read
  • Benchmark comparisons that take into account differences across device type, digital platforms and ad formats by country or region
  • A focus on meta-analysis, building institutional learning across studies to help you develop strong content
Devolpment program

Read our definitive guide to creative testing

This guide is a resource for brands who want to understand the role of creative testing through all stages of development. Flip through the guide below or download a copy here.

Pretesting Expert MetrixLab

Our solutions

We’re with you every step from inspiration to implementation, from initial idea to final ad. Our solutions can be combined in an agile way to build a future-ready research program through every stage of creative development.

Unfinished stim(Almost) finished assets

act immerse

Early Ideas

Delivers deep insights for ideas early in development. Our AI-powered platform for digital qualitative insights uses stimuli like text, visuals, storyboards, video or audio to get real-time feedback.

act early

Rough Production

Early stage online quant creative test for storyboards or basic animatics. Delivers guidance on optimizing assets before going to production and key comparisons against norms.

Act Animatic

For high quality animatics

Optimal testing of breakthrough from unforced exposure in a reel. With benchmarked results and recommendations on next steps in production.

act copy

Finished Ad Guidance

A rich pre-testing solution for finished/near finished assets, probably TV or video. We deliver a complete diagnostic of your ad’s performance versus norms with strong guidance on optimization.

ad vance

Streamlined Results

A streamlined and fast pre-test with simple, standard scorecard deliverables, comparing results against norms with pointers on optimization.

act instant

Same Day Learning

The quickest possible solution to test & optimize finished creative. ACT Instant delivers results in as little as 2 hours without interviewing respondents, using AI-powered algorithms and meta-learning.

Creative testing is beneficial for developing stronger ads, with real impact on in-market performance:

Optimizing animatics
7% uplift on attention after optimizing animatics with early-stage feedback.
Meta analysis
Clients see an average of 9% uplift across KPIs after testing their ads with MetrixLab.

Creative testing can yield high return on investments, when you invest in a program where the results build on themselves to elevate your content to higher and higher levels with each test. The end goal is to make fewer mistakes and create better ads for the same budget – or less.

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