The future of creative testing is AI-powered

The future of creative testing is AI-powered

It’s 2024. The speed of business demands solutions that help your organization keep pace in the ever-evolving world of advertising. Our newest pre-testing solution ACT Instant was designed to fit within the rest of your creative testing suite to help alleviate the challenges you face in today’s media and creative environments. Leverage this top speed solution to get results fast for your ads across platforms and formats, like social video, online video, TV, banner and social static.

If you’ve ever asked yourself or your insights team any of the questions below, you might be looking for a solution that combines the power of AI with human expertise.

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Are we leveraging best-in-class expertise to support our creative development?

Research technology today can combine the latest in computer vision, natural language processing, and facial recognition technology to identify successful ad elements. ACT Instant pairs this with human advertising experts who review results and develop actionable next steps for you. It’s the perfect combination of machine and human intelligence.

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How can I get insights as fast as possible?

We know that speed is crucial in today’s “in the moment” communication landscape. You don’t have time to wait on results. We leverage advanced modelling to deliver results within 24 hours so you can make instant decisions.

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How can I get the most powerful actionable recommendations?

AI and predictive algorithms combined with human expertise deliver tailored insights and recommendations. These are based on the specific elements of your ads. You can confidently make clear decisions based on your research with us.

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As you run more studies with ACT Instant, the platform aggregates them into meta-learnings. This allows you to think more strategically about your creative assets by generating benchmarks off the success of your own ads.

Contact us to learn more about what human and AI insights can do for your creative.

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