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MetrixLab is a leading global market research agency. We’re experts in brand engagement, product innovation and customer value. We combine pioneering digital technologies, global capabilities and an agile approach, to help you make smarter business decisions faster.

Active in more than 90 countries, our clients include half of the world’s top 100 brands. As part of the Macromill Group, we are the fastest-growing global market research company.

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Our clients’ stories

“Beyond their expertise in the topic, the key strength of MetrixLab lies in their flexibility and dedication to our project.”
“MetrixLab is not an agency of status-quo, you know there is always something brewing that might benefit you at some stage in terms of innovation.”
– Francky David | Global HCP & Consumer Insights | Nestlé

“Based upon earlier experiences I was aware of the international competences of MetrixLab. This cooperation was one-country, more local level. I was really surprised with the willingness to help. In addition, MetrixLab contributed great insights and discussions. With a mutual goal: what’s the most cost-efficient communication strategy for Westwing to really stand out”.

– Itai Gross | Managing Director | Westwing Home and Living NL

“We shared the report with our Marketing head and the Brand team and had a very good discussion on the next steps.
We are moving forward to airing the copy with more confidence than before armed with the results.”

– Annie Italia | Head of Marketing Strategy & Insights | Essilor AMERA

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