Celebrating 2 years of being a top 3 fastest growing market research agency in the UK!

Celebrating 2 years of being a top 3 fastest growing market research agency in the UK!

Big news! We’re delighted to be recognized as the third-fastest growing market research agency in the UK for the second consecutive year, according to The Research Live Industry Report 2020. This has been a big year for us. Earlier in 2019, we came in at an impressive 25th in the top 50 most innovative companies in the authoritative GRIT Report. We take this as validation of our mission to continue investing in the expertise, technology and solutions that ensure our clients succeed in today’s complex and challenging markets.

Published in December 2019, the Research Live Industry Report is the go-to source of market research league tables in the UK. Analysis is based on 2018 financial data submitted and collected in 2019. The data is focused solely on UK-based turnover and international work managed and invoiced from the UK. It combines multiple sources of intelligence including the MRS League Tables and highlights from the MRS Industry Survey. Historic data is complemented with the latest trend analysis from the Research Live editorial team.

Our growth rate exceeded 32% in the period covered by the report. The UK growth has been organic, originating from a mixture of new clients and also from extending work with existing clients. Angela Morgans, our regional managing director for Europe, explains that “Strategically we want to stay focused where we are most experienced, and can offer the most competitive difference, but we do go into new vertical markets in response to client needs. For instance, recently, we have been moving into the film and entertainment, retail and financial verticals.”

We asked Angela what she thinks drove our success, and she says that a combination of factors led to the excellent performance in 2018. “We have a strong team across all levels which inspires clients and creates solid partnerships, but we also focus and invest in innovation, AI and technology to keep us ahead of the wider market. I believe we offer something quite unique in the UK as we have the scale of a large market research agency, but the culture and way of working of a start-up.”

Read the full report here for more on the latest in the UK market.

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