Case study: Identifying opportunities to convert browsers to buyers

Case study: Identifying opportunities to convert browsers to buyers

Identifying opportunities to convert browsers to buyers

Understanding usage and attitudes

Understanding usage and attitudes

Solution: SCOUT U&A

The challenge

A club store team wanted to find ways to drive sales conversions. Despite three quarters of the store’s members having pets, just one quarter were buying its pet products.

The results

The client now has granular-level insights on what is driving sales conversions. These insights have provided new directions for how to engage aisle skippers. They have also helped identify ways that the client team can expand its relationship with current buyers.

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How we got there

We used a U&A survey to determine the purchase drivers for specific branded pet products and identify purchase barriers.

The survey explored issues such as transporting products home and storing them at home. We also examined whether pet category items were driving shopping occasions at and membership of club stores.

These insights were then used to create marketing programs to drive conversion among current purchasers.

We conducted a migration analysis to identify the most important factors in converting aisle skippers to shoppers.

Drawing all the results together, we compiled a summary of purchase drivers by brand and shopper segments.

Gain insight into shopper behavior

  • Gain a foundational understanding of your market and category
  • Understand the market landscape
  • Understand key brand choice drivers and positioning in the market
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your shoppers’ habits, needs, values and attitudes
  • Understand how to convert browsers to buyers
  • Profile and segment your target customer base more effectively

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