MetrixLab is launching the JumpStart Academy

MetrixLab is launching
the JumpStart Academy!

It’s a performance based, fast-tracked program to develop high-caliber insight professionals. Come and experience the special formula that makes this an amazing experience.

JumpStart Academy

Did you know that consumer insight is what makes the world tick? There’s not an advert or TV program, movie or streaming service, new flavour of chocolate or the latest pop-up restaurant that hasn’t been researched before it’s launched! Our clients (like TikTok, Disney, Dove and Coke) are able to build better marketing and make better products, because of the strong partnership they have with MetrixLab.

If you are curious about what makes people tick and have a passion for telling great stories about how well (or not) you think an advert is performing, then this might be the right industry for you.

MetrixLab is delighted to launch our JumpStart Academy – a performance based, fast-tracked program to identify, coach and grow high calibre insight professionals!!

Come and experience the special formula that makes MetrixLab’s business and people truly unique.

JumpStart Executive

As a JumpStart Executive, you will be part of the ‘Trailblazer’ cohort on our accelerator pathway via a highly engaging and finely curated program of learning and doing, over 2 years.

What you can expect in your first 2 years:

  • A hands on and supportive manager as well as buddies to support you every step of the way
  • A 2 year plan laid out with clear objectives to be met at each level and rewards recognizing your hustle needed to smash through these objectives on your way up
  • Quarterly evaluations and feedback to keep you on course to achieving performance-based promotions every 6-8 months
  • MRS certification on Research Foundations
  • “Always on” training modules, to keep you developing and learning!
  • Specific expertise focus, defined by experience level to ensure you gain proficiency across our key Brand and Comms and Product Innovation solutions
  • In your second year, 1-3 month paid secondments are available, to any of our lovely EU offices of your choice (Paris, Milan, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Switzerland, London, Barcelona) or to work either with our local market teams or our global innovation team, to get a taste for the inner workings of our solutions, global key clients and be part of some of our innovation initiatives
  • Hybrid WFH policy to balance flexibility, team bonding and learning
  • And most importantly, a tight knit, fun team who make logging into work everyday exciting!! (the Friday drinks also helps)

What makes an ideal JumpStart Exec candidate?

  • A first class degree from a relevant university (e. g. Marketing / business/ Psychology / Economics / Communications)
  • Strong command of the English language, both written and verbal
  • Experience with quantitative research methods as part of coursework/confident with data
  • 2nd language is a bonus!

What makes an ideal JumpStart Exec candidate?

  • A passion to start a career in market research
  • Naturally curious, self-driven and ambitious
  • Shows initiative, is pro-active and a resourceful problem-solver
  • Strong, confident communicator
  • Not afraid to give their opinion and be an active part of discussions
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Flexible and likes to work within a dynamic, international organization
  • Can work independently as well as in a team

Join our next program starting November 2022. Currently accepting candidates in our Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom offices.

Please send your CV to: [email protected]
If successful, we will reach out with a further application form / information on the assessment days.

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