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Innovator in Online Market Research, MetrixLab is a global Online Market Research company, specializing in the areas of New Product Development, Brand Communication, E-Business Performance and Satisfaction Research. Over the past seven years, MetrixLab has grown to be one of Europe's leading online market research companies. read more

Global consumer panels

Since 1999, we have been building a European online panel (OpinionBar) to fuel our research products with high-quality respondent data.

Our OpinionBar panel is a professionally managed panel that represents a true cross-section of the European population.
Our broad expertise in online research and panel management deepens the reliability of customer feedback. MetrixLab captures detailed information about our OpinionBar panel members so our customers can select samples according to demographic, socio-economic, consumer interest and web experience metrics. read more


MetrixLab's success depends on our clients' success. Today MetrixLab has helped many companies to develop winning websites, design effective advertising, accelerate product & packaging development and improve customer & employee loyalty. read more