Video: Tips for creating a disruptive packaging design that accelerates sales

Video: Tips for creating a disruptive packaging design that accelerates sales

A disruptive packaging can help drive brand growth and accelerate sales for your product. But how do you create a disruptive packaging design?

With a decade of experience in packaging design testing, we’ve seen what it takes to create a successful innovative design. We know that creating a disruptive product packaging requires stretching our nine packaging design best practices in one or multiple ways. In this short video, our Global Packaging Design Practice Director, Alexander Kleijngeld, shares his tips on designing a disruptive packaging. He discusses the three directions you can take, and the risks to consider, with examples of successful disruptive and innovative packaging designs.

Plus, find out how we can help you validate and optimize your disruptive packaging design: read our Amstel Bock case story.

Our tips for a disruptive packaging design

Video transcript: Accelerate sales growth through a disruptive packaging design

Many of our MetrixLab clients are interested in accelerating sales and growth. And one of the ways in which you can accelerate sales is through disruptive packaging design.

Actually, creating a disruptive packaging design isn’t difficult. What is difficult is to create a disruptive packaging design that will actually sell your product. And this is where we can help.

1. Disruptive visibility: Use oversized icons, emotive visuals or colors that break with category codes to create an eye-catching design.

Let’s start with visibility. You can create eye-catching designs by going with colors that drastically break with category codes. Like, for example, Vanish Oxi Action have done. However, the risk of going with such a disruptive color is that you take away from sales, from persuasion.

So, another way to create visual disruption is by using packaging with oversized icons, or you can use strong emotive pictures or photography. For example, showing people or the product in use. And a final way to create visual disruption is through extreme brand or variant blocking.

2. Disruptive communication: Go for a minimalist design, add premium design cues, or create a differentiated packaging shape to achieve disruptive communication.

When it comes to communication, one of the ways in which you can create disruption is by going with a design with fewer elements – minimalistic design. It doesn’t answer the questions – Who am I? And why do I exist? – in full, thus leaving more to the imagination of the prospective buyer. And thus, potentially widening your target audience and usage occasions.

In addition, as Method has done, you can leverage the structural design to illustrate the functional benefits or end-promise of your brand. Or you can add premium design cues, like for example, darker colors, or gold or silver elements. Like, for example, the Segafredo coffee packaging design.

3. Disruptive persuasion: Persuade consumers to buy your product by highlighting your distinctive brand-choice drivers.

So finally, you can make your design more persuasive by emphasizing your distinctive brand-choice drivers that make your brand stand out. Like, for example, this Bertolli margarine is doing.

Managing the risks

There is risk and reward in going with a disruptive packaging design. The greater the disruption, the greater of course the potential reward. But at the same time, the greater the risk of actually having a negative impact on sales, rather than a positive one.

Now, risk is something that can be managed. We have a suite of PACT design testing solutions that can actually help you to maximize the opportunity from a disruptive packaging design, while minimizing the risk. So, give us a call and we’ll help you get started!

Let’s maximize your disruptive packaging design to increase product sales and growth.

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