Sell more products in store: Optimize all your sales conversion tactics

Sell more products in store: Optimize all your sales conversion tactics

At MetrixLab, we have a full suite of market research solutions to help you win over shoppers and sell more products in store. From your packaging design to your planogram, we are your one-stop shop for maximizing all your in-store sales conversion tactics. So you can benefit from a single partnership and a consistent, fast, agile and holistic approach.

Find out which in-store consumer touchpoints we can help you optimize to turn shoppers into buyers:

Validate and optimize your category planogram, product range, packaging design, pricing and promotions, and point-of-sale materials with our market research solutions

Your category planogram: Increase the commercial and experiential impact of your category planogram, aisle or e-store. Make it quick and easy for consumers to locate your product on the shelf. Offer them the choice of products they need. And inspire new consumers to try your brand.

Your product range: Identify the optimum size and composition for your line of products. Strike the right balance between reach and appeal, and give consumers the variants they need, the choice they want and the innovation they expect.

Your packaging design: Maximize the power of your packaging design. Make sure your product packaging stands out on the shelf and grabs shoppers’ attention for all the right reasons. Then use your packaging to clearly communicate to consumers what the product is and why they should buy it, and to persuade them to do so.

Your pricing and promotions: Determine the ideal price and/or promotion level for your product to optimize your revenue and margins. Find out what consumers are willing to pay based on a combination of benefits and features, and within the relevant competitive context.

Your point-of-sale (POS) materials: Increase the visibility, stopping power and sales of your on-shelf or free-standing POS materials. Catch consumers’ eye at a distance, communicate on approach and persuade when up close.

Our research approach

Our solutions combine behavioral, implicit and visual tools, including 3D virtual stores, for a holistic assessment of your sales tactics. We also use advanced modelling techniques, such as Shapley value and conjoint analysis, to predict the commercial impact of your actions, through scenario analysis. Plus, our digital approach enables us to deliver fast and cost-effective insights and recommendations, without compromising on quality.

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