Event: MetrixLab at MIE 2018

Event: MetrixLab at MIE 2018

MetrixLab talks at MIE 2018: Mobile advertising and user-generated content

On 31 January and 1 February, MetrixLab co-presented two topics at the MIE, the Marketing and Insights Event. We shared our experiences of mobile advertising and user-generated content in the market research industry. Below is a short summary of what we discussed with our co-speakers from Facebook and Philips.



Day 1: Advertising in a mobile world: Why should we adapt?

MetrixLab at MIE 2018

With Olav from Facebook, Jori shared tips for mobile ads

Olav Lijnbach (Marketing Science Lead Benelux) from Facebook and Jori van de Spijker (our Director of Global Solutions Consulting) took to the stage together at the MIE. They co-presented the outcome of a global study around creative advertising for mobile.

Consumers have moved to mobile. Consequently, companies have also moved towards mobile advertising. However, many ads aren’t optimized for mobile, resulting in limited effectiveness. Facebook recognized this and has rolled out a global creative testing program with MetrixLab, which tested more than 1,100 ads, for more than 300 brands, in 25 countries. Based on the findings of this research, Jori and Olav shared their best practices for making a successful ad for mobile.



Day 2: Extracting insights from user-generated content using augmented intelligence

MetrixLab at MIE 2018

Mieke from Philips and Roeland discussed augmented intelligence

On the second day of the MIE, Mieke Weegels (Director of Product Research & Consumer Care) from Philips and Roeland Woudstra (one of our Senior Client Directors) discussed how market research agencies can stay relevant in a time when clients have easy access to consumer data and research tools. They demonstrated how you can extract insights from publicly available user-generated content by using a combination of machine learning and human intelligence, also known as augmented intelligence.

If you want to know more about mobile advertising or augmented intelligence, get in touch with us!

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