Creative principles for mobile ads, The eight golden rules

Infographic: Creative principles for mobile ads – The golden rules of mobile ads revealed

Creative principles for mobile ads

The golden rules
of mobile ads revealed


Reveal brand in the first 3 seconds.

You’ll be rewarded with higher brand recall.

Rule 1 brand recall


Brand Shown for 50%+

Ads which feature the brand for at least half its duration are most likely to be remembered.

Rule 2 brand recall


Deliver key message within 10 seconds.

Ads that fail to deliver their key message within the opening ten seconds have lower

Rule 3 message recall


Prominently Display Brand


A significant number of videos in our study did not display the brand clearly. This is an investment wasted.


Show product in use to drive relevance.

It drives relevance and help consumers understand your product’s benefits.

Rule 5 drive relevance


Don’t make people work to figure it out.

Brands that scored highly on understanding outperformed the benchmark for brand interest.

Rule 6 brand interest


Design for sound off.

Most mobile ads are watched without sound.

To thrive in a mobile feed environment videos should make sense when played without sound. This will impact breakthrough and response.


Be Concise. Less is definitely more.

Shorter ads have better breakthrough.

Rule 8 shorten ads

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