Case study: Disruptive packaging design repositions and grows Amstel Bock beer

Case study: Disruptive packaging design repositions and grows Amstel Bock beer

Disruptive packaging design repositions and grows Amstel Bock beer

Packaging design: Maximizing disruption while minimizing the risks

The challenge

Amstel was looking to drive market penetration for its bock beer, Amstel Bock. For this purpose, it designed a new, disruptive Amstel Bock packaging. Amstel wanted the new bock beer packaging design to convey notions of quality, authenticity and friendship. It was also important to retain existing Amstel Bock consumers.

The results

Based on the test results, we projected that the new beer packaging design was sufficiently powerful to attract current non-buyers. We also concluded that the new design would retain current Amstel Bock buyers. Therefore, we had clear evidence to recommend that Amstel proceed with the launch of its new design.

Amstel also implemented all our recommendations for improvement into a final, optimized redesign of the Amstel Bock packaging.

The optimized redesign was brought to market and delivered strong commercial growth results.

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How we got there

We tested the new Amstel Bock package design using our advanced testing methodology. For benchmarking purposes, we also tested the current design.

Our tests showed that the new, disruptive design outperformed the current bock beer packaging design. Our findings included:

  • The new package design offered a more effective balance between brand (Amstel) and product (bock beer) cues.
  • Both existing Amstel Bock buyers and non-buyers felt that the new design was more appealing and distinctive. They also perceived it to be more premium.
  • The visual representation of the Amstel founders on the new packaging emphasized that the beer was designed for ‘special moments’ and ‘bringing friends together’.

Based on our findings, we also put forward recommendations for improving the new Amstel Bock design. These included:

  • Removing the ‘No.04’ indication
  • Making the background color brighter
  • Making the product description sharper

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