Brand Engagement


Insights to grow brands and increase the effectiveness of marketing spend

Develop your brand communications with optimal messages. Ensure you are making the most effective and efficient marketing spend across all touchpoints. Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. Develop insights and measures to more intelligently assess and build your brand. MetrixLab provides a suite of brand, advertising and cross-media research solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

Brand Assessment

Understand the position of your brand in relation to competition to develop better strategies for brand growth. Leverage social media analytics, survey and sales data to understand the health of your brand and its performance against objectives.

Optimize Creative Development

Identify winning ideas more quickly by understanding the concept, copy and creative that most resonates with your target audience. Improve ROI by uncovering insights that shorten the route to execution.

Increase Media Effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of paid, owned and/or earned media before and after the campaign to ensure that your campaign is achieving its objectives and to learn how to more effectively leverage your media investments in the future.

Brand Assessment for understanding your position.

Brand Health Diagnosis: B-Health

Fully understand what makes your brand tick with regular surveys of brand performance on key health indicators. Diagnose via tools that provide an in-depth understanding of the customer/brand relationship.

Brand Sentiment Measurement: Brand Fame

Know where your brand stands by applying our Brand Fame formula. We provide continuous tracking of social brand strength and sentiment, expressed in a single number, the standard for your brand performance in the digital world.

Monitor Corporate Reputation: PROTECT

Increase your ability to understand and diagnose changes in stakeholder sentiment. Assess what is driving your reputation and chart an appropriate course of action in regard to social media usage.

Optimize Creative Development to increase ad effectiveness.

Advertising Concept Test: ACT Early

Creative testing, for initial ideas to unfinished copy materials based upon a quantitative Acceptance and Rejection analysis of tested material with deep qualitative and visual measures of “reasons why” to deliver a directional report enabling you to get the most out of your creativity.

Advertising Copy Test: ACT Copy

Ad Copy Test gives you a complete diagnostic picture of ad performance for any medium, usually prior to airing. Unforced exposure to the creative in a simulated context, and using behavioral tools to observe how viewers respond to ads, offer the key to understanding break through and response.

Rapid Digital Ad Testing: Ad-Vance

A screening methodology to have multiple digital ads contextually tested within desktop or mobile environments. Either finished or unfinished versions can be tested. Results are compiled and presented in an interactive dashboard. The dashboard offers the opportunity for meta learning in addition to the individual diagnostics for each ad.

Website Usability

Increase the effectiveness of your site by decreasing abandon rates and bounces. Improve navigation and shopping with key driver analysis and usability optimization.

Website Concept Testing: eContest

eContest provides diagnostic insight on the brand and user experience on a new or renewed website. The granular feedback helps you decide on the optimal concept to develop.

Increase Media Effectiveness to maximize ROI.

Advertising Campaign Effectiveness: CE

Campaign evaluation is for a single medium or entire campaign and usually includes comparing exposed and unexposed groups.

Social Media Campaign Tracking: BUZZ

Monitor how your campaign is catching on, with which audience and how it is impacting your brand. Learn what you can do to increase the impact of your social media campaign.

Cross Media Optimization: CMO

Cross media optimization delivers an holistic analysis of multi-media campaigns by assessing how the different media and creative elements contribute individually and synergistically to the brand’s communication objectives.

Tracking study: Track 360

Continuous brand and communication tracking to provide timely feedback on the performance of all marketing touchpoints on the brand—including elements like digital, social, PR, etc.

Digital Platform Benchmark: DPB

Digital Platform Benchmark provides best practices and rankings of digital platforms, such as websites, microsites, apps and mobile sites, by asking respondent to visit a brand’s site or one of a select group of competitors and comparing results.

Digital Platform Monitoring: DPM

Digital Platform Monitoring gathers both qualitative and quantitative data on your digital property’s visitors to measure motives & goals for visiting, brand experience, conversion, impact on brand and competitive differentiation.

Social Media Influencers: IDENTIFY

Identify the key influencers for your brand and/or category, classify them by segment, what they are saying, and from there develop an influence / content strategy for each.