Webinar: Groundbreaking tips on DTC digital advertising

Webinar: Groundbreaking tips on DTC digital advertising

Groundbreaking tips on DTC digital advertising
A revolution in pharma marketing

Did you know?
72% of patients go online to learn about their condition.
And 1 in 4 turn to the internet before speaking to a doctor.
Yet only 3% of healthcare advertising budget is spent on digital. And most digital DTC advertising is ineffective.

Are you making the most of DTC digital advertising?

Watch the recording of our 35-minute webinar to find out how pharmaceutical brands can benefit from this huge opportunity:

Groundbreaking tips on DTC digital advertising

Presented by our SVP and Healthcare Practice Leader Frank Chipman, in collaboration with DTC Perspectives, this webinar covers:

1) The benefits of and growing focus on DTC digital advertising for pharma brands
2) Clear guidelines on how to significantly improve the impact and ROI of your DTC digital ads.
A short Q&A session follows the presentation.

For more on this topic, you can also read our whitepaper about digital advertising for pharma companies. Plus, discover some best practices for effective pharma and OTC Facebook mobile ads, as revealed in our recent study for Facebook.

DTC Perspectives is a publishing, conference/training, and consulting company specializing in the area of consumer marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

MetrixLab is a global market research company and a leader in digital ad testing.

Our speaker:

Frank Chipman

Frank Chipman – MetrixLab

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