Case study: Testing cross-platform performance of video ads for Facebook

Case study: Testing cross-platform performance of video ads for Facebook

Testing cross-platform performance of video ads for Facebook

Boosting ad effectiveness on mobile feeds

The challenge

Facebook wanted to test the cross-platform effectiveness of mobile-first videos. Their objective was to boost the industry’s understanding of effective creative principles for both Facebook and Instagram video ads.

They planned to use this insight to demonstrate to advertisers the ability of mobile-first videos to work effectively across Facebook’s in-feed environments.

Key questions to answer were:

  • Which creative attributes help make an ad successful on Facebook and on Instagram?
  • Could, therefore, ads using the same creative practices be deployed on Facebook and Instagram effectively and more efficiently via Placement Optimisation?


The results

The findings demonstrated that existing recommended creative guidelines for mobile videos on Facebook also apply to Instagram mobile videos.

Furthermore, among both the groups of Facebook and Instagram video ads evaluated, the results show that ‘feed-optimised’ video ads tended to perform 1.2-2.2 times better than non-optimized ads.

The results suggest that:

  • While individual outcomes will vary, advertisers using feed-optimised ad creative are likely to find those ads perform better across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Extending campaigns over both Facebook and Instagram is an effective planning strategy.

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How we got there

The research consisted of two phases. We analysed 68 EMEA video campaigns to uncover some of the key creative attributes for effective video ads on Facebook.

We then analysed 80 video ads from 11 verticals on Facebook and Instagram. Half of these were categorized as “feed-optimised,” meaning they followed the creative attributes identified for effective video ads. The remainder, which didn’t follow the creative attributes for effective video ads, were categorized as “non-optimised”.

Ads were then scored for breakthrough and response. Ads were manually coded across 20 variables. Next, they were tested with a consumer audience using MetrixLab’s digital video copy testing solution. Surveys were completed on mobile devices in both the Facebook and Instagram environment. For each ad test, a scorecard was developed to show performance versus benchmarks.

Maximize ad effectiveness across multiple platforms

  • Understand how to attract consumers’ attention in a crowed digital ad environment
  • Identify what makes “feed-proof” ads
  • Assess breakthrough and response effectively
  • Develop best practice guidelines across multiple platforms
  • Extend campaign size and reach by extending existing campaigns into new platforms
  • Allocate ad budget more effectively and improve CPM while maintaining returns

This case study appeared in GreenBook’s best research stories from the GRIT top 50 companies.

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