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Brand & Campaign Tracking - TRACK360©

Optimizing brand, creative and media continuously

Making campaigns as effective and efficient as possible is the objective of any advertiser seeking to build its brands. In order to meet these goals, you require continuous feedback on your media, campaigns and brand positions from start to finish. MetrixLab TRACK360© is a new tracking tool developed to provide you with instant feedback on your media, creative and brand before, during and after a campaign. It is the first tracking instrument that integrates all forms of communication, like digital media, sponsorships and PR.


Innovative online research methodes and techniques

Tracking your campaigns will provide you with not only information on people's awareness, attitude and behaviour towards your brand or product, but also the influence your communication actions have over time. With TRACK360©, all the components of your media mix are observed, analysed separately and compared to generate a complete view of your overall performance. The nature of the information varies from stage to stage, from operational to tactical and more strategic.

Methodology and setup

Complete and user friendly. These words describe explicitly the setup of TRACK360©. Covering all phases in the marketing and communication cycle and combining aspects of creative, media, marketing, brand and competition, we continuously measure and give you feedback on advertising awareness and advertising content (key messages, etc.), brand awareness, brand equity and finally, consumption and purchase behaviour.Full analyses and powerpoint reporting by MetrixLab consultants

Good tracking starts with a good questionnaire. MetrixLab has developed a type of interactive questionnaire that results in high-quality data. As we combine the data with passive measurements on contact occurring with the website, online advertising, e-mail and direct mail, MetrixLab is the first agency to successfully measure all media in a single-source manner.

The actual research questions can relate to four themes:

  • Developments in awareness and evoked set
  • Realization of strategic brand objectives
  • Providing insights into the contribution of the different communication channels
  • Consumer profiles and media behaviour

With TRACK360©, reporting entails much more than making data and dashboards available online. It is about the integration of knowledge and the results we find. It is also about benchmarking: We compare your ads with global benchmarks. To establish your brand position, we offer a direct comparison with competitors at any particular moment. In other words, we provide answers to your questions as well as input for strategic discussions and actionable recommendations.

Your benefits

WIth MetrixLab's TRACK360©, we combine our extensive knowledge and experience of brand and campaign tracking for your company, whilst integrating all relevant media types and using a range of proven methods for continuous measuring on different levels. MetrixLab offers you

  • continuous feedback before, during and after a campaign on your brand position and communication efforts.
  • the possibility to steer effectiveness of a campaign.
  • strategic feedback on brand and communication.
  • benchmarking of your results against your competitive set by using different benchmarks.
  • clear reporting with information, conclusions and recommendations, without the use of endless slides and numbers.
  • overall media integration, enabling you to execute cross-media analyses for all media, actionable improvement opportunities in the area of budget reallocation and optimization of synergy effects.
  • integration of media and creative.
  • more enjoyable and interactive questionnaires that prevent fatigue and therefore provide better information.

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