Introducing AdLift: your go-to solution for measuring ad impact

Introducing AdLift: your go-to solution for measuring ad impact

Introducing AdLift

Your new go-to solution for measuring the impact of advertising and brand communications

James Galpin Senior Consultant

By James Galpin, Senior Consultant,
Media Effectiveness, MetrixLab

Frustrated by the challenges and costs of running in-market tests to assess the impact of your media activities? Then our new AdLift solution may be just what you need.

The world of advertising and media is ever-evolving, and success requires brands to make better, faster decisions when it comes to optimizing their brand campaigns. That’s why we’ve developed AdLift, an innovative solution designed to help you do exactly that.

So, what is AdLift?

AdLift is an “out-of-market” A/B experimental test solution that identifies the potential impact delivered by exposure to your brand communications, without the complexities of live in-market testing. Leveraging in-context exposure delivered as part of the survey, AdLift assesses differences in brand KPIs between test and control group.

We know that the success of a media activity depends on more than just smart placement:

The right media choice + the most relevant message = Maximum brand impact

The most successful media activities are those that combine smart media selection with powerful creative. That’s where AdLift’s power lies: unlike competing solutions, AdLift incorporates full creative evaluation as a standard for all the assets we test within the solution. This allows you to not only optimize your platform selection, but also the messaging that you deploy within each.

6 ways AdLift paves the way towards campaign success:

what makes AdLift unique
1 ways AdLift

Budget optimization: AdLift provides a cost-efficient alternative to complex in-market tests of multi-media campaigns, allowing you to focus on the impact of key assets and media platforms and enabling you to allocate your resources wisely.

2 ways AdLift

Close to real-time insights: Say goodbye to waiting for in-market testing results, which only arrive once the campaign has passed by. With AdLift, you’ll have fast access to data-driven insights on your activity’s impact on brand performance, helping you make swift, informed optimization decisions.

3 ways AdLift

Laser-sharp engagement: Detailed cut-through and message delivery measurement will help ensure that your media activities engage and resonate with your target audiences.

4 ways AdLift

Creative excellence: Identify creative strengths and optimization opportunities to enhance your communications’ impact and ROI.

5 ways AdLift

Targeted impact: The solution empowers you to reach sub-groups effectively, understand which audiences respond best to which activities, and enables you to tailor your strategies accordingly.

6 ways AdLift

Brand success: AdLift helps you elevate the effectiveness of your communications, ensuring your brand continues to win in-market.

AdLift is a testament to MetrixLab’s commitment to supporting our clients’ search to achieve communications excellence in the constantly changing, increasingly digitized media landscape. If you want to unlock the full potential of your brand’s communications, AdLift is the way to go – it’s your secret weapon to standing out in today’s noisy, cluttered media landscape. Reach out now and let us guide you along the path to ensure that your media impacts and delivers brand success.

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