Webinar: Fast & Furious: Accelerating insights with artificial intelligence and new technologies

Webinar: Fast & Furious: Accelerating insights with artificial intelligence and new technologies

Are you under pressure to react faster to changing consumer and market trends?
Have you embraced the latest technologies in your customer insights program?
Are you maximizing AI solutions to deliver personalized messages to customers?

AI and new technologies present fantastic opportunities to uncover consumer insights more rapidly. Today many brands and businesses are moving to a more agile way of working and they need to get consumer feedback early, consistently – and easily – throughout their creative development process. We have found that for our clients, planning and budget constraints often make realizing this goal a struggle.

That’s where our innovative new tool Immerse can help. Barbara du Perron, our Director Global Knowledge Innovation Consulting, has presented a 1-hour webinar together with Greenbook. Watch a 15-minute summary of the recording to see how we can help you make insight-based decisions faster:

Qualitative inspiration at a quantitative scale

As Barbara showed in our webinar, we are in good shape to help you. Immerse is an AI-powered qualitative research solution, designed for today’s insight needs. It’s fast, flexible and scalable. It provides brands with insights and inspiration to guide the development of advertising campaigns, packaging designs and product innovation. Several of our clients have already benefited from Immerse, including Unilever. Paolo Tomasetta, CMI Content Specialist at Unilever said:

“The research conducted has been invaluable in guiding the creative process. It gave us much more breadth than basic qual groups, and we believe we got a cleaner gut reaction from our audience as well.”

Immerse is a perfect solution for these situations like the one Paolo Tomasetta describes. At its heart is a live online group discussion hosted on an AI-powered digital platform. Its AI technology makes it possible to analyze the feedback of large groups of respondents in real time – so brands can enjoy qualitative inspiration at a quantitative scale. During the discussion, the moderator can interact with the participants using open questions and polls, as well as images, videos, written scripts, moving storyboards and shelf mock-ups. Stakeholders can also observe and influence the digital discussion from anywhere in the world – without the need to travel.

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