MetrixLab renames MarketTools and CRM Metrix

MetrixLab renames MarketTools and CRM Metrix

MetrixLab Renames MarketTools and CRM Metrix

Rotterdam, San Francisco, May 5th, 2014 – MetrixLab, global provider of marketing analytics and research solutions, announced today that it has fully integrated US based MarketTools and CRM Metrix in France into its global network. From this moment on all 15 offices in the US, Europe and Asia will operate under the global MetrixLab brand.

MetrixLab acquired Paris-based CRM Metrix in 2010, and San Francisco headquartered MarketTools in 2012 as part of its global expansion strategy. All teams focus on delivering insights in the fields of innovation, brand engagement and customer retention with a data agnostic approach leveraging survey, social media and enterprise data.

CEO Han De Groot says the company will remain locally focused but will now provide expanded access to global expertise and resources. ‘We have continued to proudly use the CRM Metrix and MarketTools names over the past several years because of the long heritage in France and the US respectively. Now it is time to look forward. The proliferation of consumer data is driving a significant change in the development of deep, actionable insights, and the speed at which they are delivered. Tomorrow’s complex business decisions require streaming insights derived from many internal and external data sources that become more accessible every day.’

MetrixLab will move from reliance on survey data to integrating ‘always on’ social data, enterprise data (from CRM and ERP systems), geospatial data, and data ‘scraped’ from the public web domain (such as (competitive) product and pricing data).

‘Our strategic direction is to become a data source agnostic consumer insights provider through superior data aggregation, integration and analytics,’ adds de Groot.

About MetrixLab:
etrixLab is a global provider of analytics and consumer insights. We turn data from surveys, social media and enterprise systems into actionable insights that help leading brands drive innovation, as well as brand and customer engagement. Headquartered in Rotterdam and San Francisco with 15 offices across the US, Europe and Asia, MetrixLab provides analytics and insights services in more than 50 countries.

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