MetrixLab at MIE 2017

MetrixLab at MIE 2017

Vincent Blaney at MIE 2017

February 2nd: MetrixLab’s Vincent Blaney shared the ‘8 golden rules for mobile advertising’ at the MIE.

Brands need to be effective in advertising in an extremely fast changing digital environment. Changing platforms, formats, buying strategies, ad blockers: they all influence the effectiveness. Based on more than 1000 mobile ads tested, MetrixLab Global Consultant Vincent Blaney shared global learnings on digital advertising. Summarized in the 8 golden rules for mobile advertising.

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February 1st: MetrixLab and Philips at the MIE 2017

MetrixLab’s Roeland Woudstra and Louise Klein Haarhuis from Philips took to the stage together at the MIE in Utrecht on 1st of February, 2017. In this session they have been telling about the global research methodology, the key CDJ & shopper insights and how these impact the go-to-market strategy.

If you want to learn how more how you can optimize your global go-to-market and shopper strategy with actionable insights, please contact us.


Roeland Woudstra at MIE 2017

Even with a broken leg Roeland ‘the unstoppable’ went on stage. After the session there was some time to relax. @MIE organization – thanks for the great support to help Roeland present with his leg cast (he fell of the stairs because he was carrying a PHILIPS vacuum cleaner…).

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