MetrixLab joins Unilever’s Paragon partnership

MetrixLab joins Unilever’s Paragon partnership

We are delighted to be part of Unilever’s recently launched Paragon partnership. The initiative brings together clients, NGOs, academics, governments and research agencies to pool their research to support the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Micro and macro datasets from the participants will be hosted on a single platform so it can be easily shared to tackle key global development and sustainability concerns. The insights contribute to a 17-point plan aimed at ending poverty, combating climate change, and fighting injustice and inequality. The steering committee includes Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Save the Children, the Market Research Society (MRS) and ESOMAR.

Unilever’s Senior Vice President, Consumer and Market Insights Stan Sthanunathan describes Paragon thus: “It’s about aligning to make information available to everyone across the whole world, so we can take this information and improve the human condition.”

We are proud that we are part of a movement that has making a positive impact on people’s lives across the globe as its objective.

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