Press release: The Macromill Group forms a partnership with neuromarketing pioneer Centan Inc.

Press release: The Macromill Group forms a partnership with neuromarketing pioneer Centan Inc.

The Macromill Group forms a strategic partnership with neuromarketing pioneer Centan Inc. for the Japanese market


Tokyo, Japan – 31 January 2017. Macromill Group is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership, and the acquisition of a minority stake in Centan Inc. – a pioneer in neuromarketing in Japan.

Centan Inc. specialize in researching product development and advertising effectiveness measurement. The company has pioneered electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring, which is a method of studying consumers’ cognitive responses to advertising and other brand-related messages, also known as neuromarketing. In this way, Centan Inc. can gain an understanding of consumers’ subconscious reactions through EEG, therefore providing deeper insights.

Macromill Group CEO Scott Ernst said: “As a pioneer in market research, we are continually focused on developing industry-defining innovation that deliver real consumer insights for our clients. The addition of neuromarketing to our comprehensive suite of market research and digital marketing solutions is an important step forward for both our clients and our industry.”

Centan Inc. CEO Takanobu Tanaka added: “The Macromill Group’s extensive experience, track record and client base in market research and digital marketing is a perfect fit with our rich experience and know-how in understanding consumers’ subconscious reactions through EEG. By combining our strengths, we can add a whole new dimension of consumer insights from which clients can benefit.”

Macromill Group is committed to enhancing this strategic partnership and has acquired a 10% stake in Centan Inc. (

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(1) Macromill Group includes: Macromill Japan, Dentsu Macromill Insight, M-Cube, M-Promo, Macromill Carenet, Macromill Embrain, MetrixLab, Oxyme and Precision Sample.

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January 31, 2017
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