Case study: Testing pre-roll video advertising

Case study: Testing pre-roll video advertising

Test your pre-roll video advertising effectively 

The challenge

With six finished ads, our client was interested in understanding the strengths of each ad to inform their placement and rotation planning. The team was specifically interested in how well each was understood given the varied story lines.

How we got there

We tested the advertising in two ways, using our Ad-Vance solution. The respondents were shown pre-roll advertising on a mocked-up website. Then we assessed the ads’ brand recall, message clarity and recognition. In the second part of the test, we asked more specific questions so that we could rate each execution.

The results of this
Ad-Vance study

  • Five of six online ads were tested and rated as outstanding – they could go on air immediately
  • Three of the six conveyed emotional and functional aspects particularly well
  • One ad was found to need significant improvements before it could go live

Four steps to assess ad performance, and plan placement 

  • Efficiently test pre-roll advertising with a variety of storylines
  • Assess each ad’s memorability (breakthrough) and respons
  • Benchmark your advertising executions against each othe
  • Plan each ad’s rotation and placement accordingly
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