Case study: Testing mobile ads for a digital agency

Case study: Testing mobile ads for a digital agency

Testing mobile ads for a digital agency

Using Ad-Vance to optimize mobile advertising campaigns

The challenge

Our client agency wanted to promote a new product through mobile advertising. They designed two ad creatives: one focusing on the brand and a second focusing on the product. They now needed to understand the impact of these mobile ads on awareness and purchase intent.

The results

Our tests showed that our client’s mobile advertising was memorable, likeable, unique and credible. We also found the ads to be relevant and ‘on brand’, which are key factors for awareness and intent to buy.

However, neither of the mobile ads generated significant uplifts in awareness or purchase intent. After testing, we identified that the ads needed a stronger and clearer call-to-action.

Learn more about our ad copy and ad breakthrough testing.

How we got there

We first showed the two mobile ads to respondents in a mocked-up, but natural smartphone environment. The respondents decided whether and for how long to watch the adverts on their mobile device. We then asked a series of questions to evaluate whether they remembered the brand, product and message.

This unforced exposure approach provides key measurements of ad breakthrough.

We then showed respondents the ad on its own, and rated their reactions.

Finally, we benchmarked all test results against our normative database for mobile ads.

Optimize the performance of your mobile ads with Ad-Vance

  • Test your mobile advertising in context: on a smartphone
  • Make sure your ads stand out among the online clutter
  • Assess whether your ads convey your message efficiently
  • Understand how your mobile advertising performs against a variety of measures
  • Identify opportunities for improving the effectiveness of your mobile advertising

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