Case study: Pre-testing for campaign optimization

Case study: Pre-testing for campaign optimization

Pre-testing for campaign optimization for Westwing

The challenge

New to the Dutch market, international online home decoration and furnishing company Westwing wanted to pre-test their first TV ad campaign in The Netherlands to ensure it would deliver the desired impact and efficiencies

How we got there

Using ACT-Copy (online survey of target audiences) we tested the effectiveness of three TV ads that were developed and aired in other countries to determine their suitability for the Dutch market, uncover possible editing opportunities, and inform media rotation decisions

We divided the test into two parts. We first pre-tested the ads to select the one with the highest impact. We then evaluated the campaign against brand KPIs and the performance of competitors (online and traditional)


The results of this
ACT- Copy study

  • Based on our findings and recommendations, the client was able to use one of the three existing TV ads. It was edited to enhance its effectiveness for the Dutch market
  • We also provided advice on target groups, which enabled the client to optimize media planning and budget allocation
  • Together our recommendations enabled the client to improve its brand positioning against that of its competitors

Itai Gross, Managing Director of Westwing Home and Living NL said: ”Based upon earlier experiences I was aware of the international competences of MetrixLab. This cooperation was one-country, more local level. I was really surprised with the willingness to help. In addition, MetrixLab contributed great insights and discussions. With a mutual goal: what’s the most cost-efficient communication strategy for Westwing to really stand out”.


Evaluating the effectiveness of creative and optimizing ad rotation with ACT-Copy

  • Pre-test a variety of creative executions
  • Evaluate campaign impact against key brand KPIs
  • Benchmark your advertising against that of your competitors
  • Find the most cost effective communication strategy, and plan ad rotation and placement accordingly
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