Case study: Pre-testing ads for Yahoo

Case study: Pre-testing ads for Yahoo

Ad pre-test: Yahoo

Improving the effectiveness of online advertising

The challenge

Web portal and search engine Yahoo wanted to assess a 15-second digital ad’s ability to break through the ad clutter.

The results

Our approach highlighted the weaknesses of the digital ad execution and the optimum time during the viewing experience to communicate the key message to ensure cut-through.

By making specific adjustments based on our ad pre-test findings, Yahoo was able to optimize the impact of its ad campaign and maximize its ROI.

Learn more about our ad copy and ad breakthrough testing.

How we got there

We pre-tested the ad in its natural environment to evaluate its ability to attract attention.
By using unforced exposure, whereby respondents decide if and how long they wish to engage with the ad being tested, a true picture of the ad’s capacity to break through is captured. This is something that wouldn’t be possible with forced exposure.
While the ad was evaluated very positively, it didn’t have the desired impact. Using Focus Tracker, the validated online eye tracker, we were able to detect why the ad wasn’t gaining attention and what needed to be changed to make it more effective.

Pre-testing ads to optimize impact

  • Assess real life exposure to ads to obtain a true picture of their ability to break through
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of ad executions
  • Detect why ads aren’t gaining the desired attention and how to optimize them
  • Determine the optimum time to communicate the key message

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