Case study: Mobile survey sampling in emerging markets

Case study: Mobile survey sampling in emerging markets

Mobile survey sampling in emerging markets

Measuring the happiness of consumers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya and Nigeria

The challenge

To evaluate the happiness and quality of life of hard-to-reach consumers in emerging markets.

The results

Within a week we were able to determine the happiness levels of consumers in four emerging markets. We were also able to identify the drivers of happiness in each country

Our research shows that consumers in Vietnam and Indonesia are more satisfied with life than those in Kenya and Nigeria. However, their satisfaction levels are significantly lower than those of Western consumers. These results mirror those of the World Happiness Report

Family, religion, personal achievement and access to education are important drivers of happiness in emerging markets. In Nigeria in particular, however, less corruption and more jobs could help to increase happiness levels

How we got there

PC and broadband penetration in emerging markets is low, and yet mobile phone penetration is high

We therefore partnered with TTC Mobile – a mobile marketing company with more than eight years’ experience of using mobile technologies in emerging markets

We then developed RSVP surveys for use via more simple browsers on feature phones and slower internet connections. We invited people to participate in these surveys via SMS and rewarded those who completed them with airtime (a prepaid top up)

Through live recruitment testing we were able to expand our mobile survey and sampling coverage country by country

Capture the tastes, preferences and opinions of the next billion consumers

  • Benefit from a dedicated network of mobile partner companies that can send SMS invites and transfer airtime incentives to panelists
  • Access consumers via both feature phones and smartphones using our device and browser neutral survey platform
  • Reach respondents with slower mobile internet connections with data-friendly surveys
  • Connect with real consumers. We use digital fingerprinting to ensure that our panel members are genuine and unique

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