Case study: Mobile sampling for Heineken in emerging markets

Case study: Mobile sampling for Heineken in emerging markets

Understanding women’s attitude toward beer in Africa

Mobile survey sampling for Heineken in emerging markets

The challenge

Africa is the fastest growing global beer market with an annual average growth rate of 5%. Also, African women are becoming more independent in African society. To better understand this new target audience for Heineken, we explored this trend and women’s attitude towards the beer category as well as current usage, drivers and barriers.

The results

Our research confirmed that most African women support liberal ideas. However, they are more reserved towards alcohol and going out, in particular in Nigeria. Religion and cultural beliefs are key barriers. There is a belief in Nigeria that beer can damage a woman’s body. Women in Kenya and South Africa more often mention their dignity and self-respect. If women drink beer, they only do so at certain occasions, a few times a month or less to relax, enjoy, or spend time with friends.

How we got there

PC and broadband penetration in emerging markets is low, and yet mobile phone penetration is high. MetrixLab partnered with mobile marketing company TTC to conduct mobile survey sampling in emerging markets.

We’ve adapted our online surveys for use via simple browsers and slower network speeds. Respondents are invited to participate via SMS. Those who complete the surveys are rewarded with a prepaid airtime top-up. We use live recruitment testing to expand our coverage country by country.

This research project, which used our new mobile surveying approach and platform, was carried out in just five days. It covered three major African markets: Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Capture the tastes, preferences and opinions of the next billion consumers

  • Reach respondents with slower mobile internet connections with data-friendly surveys.
  • Benefit from a dedicated network of mobile partner companies that can send SMS invites and transfer airtime incentives to panelists anytime, anywhere.
  • Access consumers via both feature phones and smartphones using our device and browser neutral survey platform.
  • Connect with real consumers in emerging markets. Digital fingerprinting ensures panelists are genuine and unique.

Case Story: Understanding women’s attitude toward beer in Africa

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