Case study: Measuring website effectiveness across 24 countries for MSD

Case study: Measuring website effectiveness across 24 countries for MSD

Measuring website effectiveness across 24 countries for MSD

Understanding website effectiveness

Understanding website effectiveness

Solution: Digital Performance Monitor

The challenge

Global healthcare leader MSD wanted to reinforce its relationship and brand image with health practitioners. The company’s aim? To equip healthcare practitioners with useful information and tools for their daily practice. To achieve this goal, MSD wanted to monitor the performance of its online services: Univadis and Docvadis.

The results

The research supplied MSD with continuous insight into the performance of its online services. It also provided the company with a better understanding of its audience.

We showed that specialists dominate the services user base. We also revealed how users become aware of Univadis and uncovered correlations between this and satisfaction with the website. Finally, the research showed which types of content drive the MSD’s Net Promoter Score (NPS).

MSD has used these insights to further improve its website provision and target an underrepresented group. Content for specialists has been improved, boosting satisfaction amongst this segment. MSD has also reinforced communication with users through sales reps.

How we got there

Users of both Univadis and Docvadis were asked to take part in an exit questionnaire. This enabled us to research users’ experiences across 24 countries and monitor KPIs. A quarterly scorecard enabled MSD to continually monitor performance against KPIs.

Results were collated and analyzed to reveal a wealth of insights. We identified visitors’ profiles and high value targets. We also evaluated the overall experience and impact of Univadis on MSD’s brand image. Finally, using the aggregated results from all markets, we identified content and usability improvements.

Gain continuous insight into your website performance

  • Gain continuous insight into how your online services are performing
  • Understand your online audience more effectively
  • Identify content and usability improvements
  • Improve visitor satisfaction
  • Understand the link between user journey and satisfaction

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