Case study: Measuring the impact of influencer marketing

Case study: Measuring the impact of influencer marketing

Decoding the impact of influencer marketing

Combining survey and social data

The challenge

As part of a strategic multi-country innovation program, a global manufacturer of confectionary was experimenting with influencer marketing. The challenge was to keep the brand appealing to the target audience as they moved from childhood to adolescence.

In Russia, France and Australia key influencers were on-boarded and asked to build buzz around the brand. They were asked to post pictures of themselves and relate that to confectionary.

MetrixLab was asked to set up a tailored research design to understand the impact of the campaign, the effectiveness of influencers and opportunities for future optimization.

The results

  • Influencers were able to add both reach and impact to TV campaigns
  • In countries with no TV, reach was limited. Those that were reached, however, showed uplift in brand and advertising KPIs
  • To improve impact influencers should be briefed with guidelines to ensure the content fits the brand

Based on these insights the client launched a new and optimized influencer campaign for an additional brand.

How we got there

  • Online surveys were conducted just before and at the height of the campaign, to determine overall impact within the target audience.
  • Key pieces of influencer content were shown in survey to assess the creative evaluation.
  • Social listening was deployed consistently during the campaign period, to understand buzz: topics, sentiment and coverage.
  • Results were brought together in one report for a holistic view, uncovering impact of the campaign as well as opportunities for optimization.

Learn how to connect with your audience using influencers

  • Leverage a unique combination of social and survey data in one integrated approach
  • Understand the impact of the influencer channel on brand KPIs
  • Determine the effect and efficiency of influencers compared to other media
  • Compare influencer performance on social against our Influencer benchmark


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