Case study: Determining digital ad performance

Case study: Determining digital ad performance

Fast, clear results for online video advertising

The challenge

Our client wanted us to determine which two versions of online video ads resonated best with the target audience. And they also wanted to identify if further changes were needed to improve performance

How we got there

We set up a natural online environment so we could test the ads with consumers on both desktop and mobile. To start with, people decided how long they wanted to watch the videos on their smartphones. Respondents were then asked a set of questions, testing their memory of the brand, product and message. They were then shown the advertising a second time and their reactions tracked, and measured against our database.

The results of this
Ad-Vance study

  • Our FMCG client was able to assess the engagement levels of a 60-second ad versus a 30-second version. They could understand if people watched them long enough to see the brand’s key message
  • We found that the 60-second version was less engaging but better understood, and made recommendations on how to improve the creative

Five steps to understand your online video advertising

  • Check whether your video advertising will break through online
  • Get fast, actionable results on videos of different lengths
  • Work out when you should introduce your brand in a video, as well as your message
  • Benchmark your advertising against country averages
  • Identify digital KPIs and effects that drive purchase consideration
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