Case study: Mobile in-home study

Case study: Mobile in-home study
mobile in-home study

MetrixLab provides deep understanding of single serve coffee preparation

The Challenge.

The client would like to identify new business opportunities, inspire innovation and validate their planning for going forward.

The Solution.

MetrixLab’s A&U study delivers better insights into the coffee habits of your target consumers by measuring in the moment and in real time by leveraging mobile with photo upload in the survey.

The Results.

A majority of consumers do not use the appliance as intended by the maker. Espresso machines are invariably used with regular beans to produce jumbo-sized cups. Milk foaming is shown to be popular but messy. These results provided the insights needed in order to improve and innovate.

Data Used.

Mobile Metering: 100%
Device & Browser Agnostic Surveys: 80%
Survey Data: 70%
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