Case study: Concept validation at Philips

Case study: Concept validation at Philips

Contest concept: Philips Automotive Lighting

Validating a concept, identifying a market

The challenge

Philips Automotive Lighting wanted to test its concept for color accented car bulbs (ColorVision) to assess the size of the potential target market and inform its go-to-market strategy.

The results

The results of the test identified a niche group of consumers who would be willing to pay a premium price for the product.

They also highlighted the target group’s desire for the product to balance style and safety, and to be legal.

How they would like to be communicated with about the product was also revealed.

Together, the findings have been used to shape the final product and its launch campaign.

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How we got there

We ran a Contest concept test against a standardized set of KPIs, followed by a price evaluation in order to determine the optimum product price.

The survey looked at the most desirable product features, benefits and design elements to consumers, as well as their distribution and installation preferences.

The test also included a target group profiling.

Ensure your concept has what it takes to compete in the market with Contest

  • Validate concepts
  • Inform product development
  • Quantify market opportunities
  • Identify target groups and how to reach them
  • Develop effective go-to-market strategies

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